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"I sold you that on the condition that you keep it. But you didn't."
—Big Ash to Nick Hawley[src]

Big Ash is a Shawnee contact of Nick Hawley. He and his fellow Shawnee run a motorcycle repair shop. Ash was displeased with Hawley for selling off the tribal mask, as Hawley dishonored his agreement to keep the mask.


Hawley's Contact[]

Nick Hawley sought out Big Ash and his Shawnee gang for his assistance in searching for a Wendigo cure. Big Ash was first cold with Hawley as Hawley had sold the Sisuro Transformation Mash which Big Ash had sold to him on the condition that he doesn't sell it. Hawley did and bought a boat with the money he made. Hawley initially assumed that Ichabod Crane was too socially awkward to communicate with Big Ash. But Crane's mention of Squire Boone became the key for Big Ash to agree to help them find a Wendigo cure for Joe Corbin. Big Ash then pointed Ichabod in the direction of Frank, their Shaman.[1]


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