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"What are you doing here? And who was that?"
—Diana Thomas to Ichabod Crane[src]

Special Agent Diana Thomas is a main character and Homeland Security Agent[1] that works in Washington D.C. along with her partner, Eric Cortez. After a demon killed her partner, she began working with Ichabod Crane to hunt down the creature that killed her partner and many other civillians.


Early Life[]

Diana and Eric Cortez served two tours in the Marines.[2] While she was there, she fell in love with a man named Mitch Talbot, even though she had a strict policy against falling in love with other marines. They never talked about marriage as it was the last thing on their minds. Diana eventually got pregnant and had to leave the marines to live a civilian life and raise her daughter, Molly. Mitch decided to stay and help out financially. Mitch wrote on occasion when he remembered and visited every once in a while. Mitch and Diana grew estranged as Mitch rarely visited.[3] She then began working for Homeland Security.

Months before Molly's eleventh birthday, she, out of the blue, stopped talking altogether. Diana took her to doctors to which she was diagnosed with Transient Aphasia, which is where a person cant talk, read or write.[2]

Death of her Partner[]

In Washington D.C., Diana and her partner Eric Cortez, are having a discussion over the merits of Katy Perry music, judgy vegans, and the lack of a love life. They get a call that the head of Lincoln is gone somehow at the Lincoln Memorial and to investigate it. Once they arrive at the scene, the head is completely gone. Eric heads into the structure to check things out while Diana stays behind and notices something bizarre going on on the side of the monument. Diana looks for Eric inside the building and finds him under attack by a weird creature. A man named Ichabod arrives and helps her fight the demon off and, confused, Diana turns her gun on him after the demon flees. Ichabod does his best to calm her down by telling her he’s a historical advisor who’s worked with the Sleepy Hollow Police as well as the FBI. Diana doesn’t put her gun away, but she does let him escape to pursue the demon. Diana tries to explain to her boss, Mark Wong, that a monster killed her partner and Ichabod saved her. Mark tells her to go home, get some rest, and he won’t fill his report until she has time to reconsider her story. Instead of listening to Mark, Diana follows footprints into the woods and crawls down into the underground building Ichabod escaped from earlier. The place has been packed up and is completely empty, yet Ichabod’s also drawn back to it and once again startles Diana with his presence. He couldn’t track the demon and the two come to an uneasy truce. She’s adamant demons don’t exist and Ichabod assures her they do and that she should believe it because she saw it with her own eyes. She won’t say “demon” but seems to be following Ichabod’s explanation that he and the demon – which was released after Lincoln’s statue’s head was chopped off – are searching for the same person. He asks her to keep in mind he’s the only one who can find Eric’s killer. In her car, Diana tells Ichabod there’s a place known as the Vault where info is kept on unusual cases.[2]

At the Vault, the man working behind the desk, Jake, is a bit taken aback by their presence but then he too gets excited. Jake’s job is to catalogue all the happenings that occur on the fringes. Diana seems to believe both men are nuts and wants to leave, but Ichabod is fascinated by this place. Just then a small boom is heard and it turns out the Vault’s front room is just that – a front to hide the grandeur of the actual facility. Jake and the woman who set off the explosion, Alex, show Ichabod around the place. Ichabod finds books with Washington’s seal and it turns out they’re the organization’s official logs. They learn of the demons history. The demon was sealed in an underground chamber. That chamber is under the Lincoln Memorial, and the demon was released when Lincoln’s head was chopped off his statue. Between Ichabod, the demon, and Lincoln’s head disappearing, Jake shows them the tunnels. Diana and Ichabod head into the tunnels where the two share stories of their past. They discover where the demon was staying, finding an area where the walls are covered by drawings of the American flag. Ichabod becomes convinced the flag is a trigger for the demon. Diana realizes there’s a concert taking place the next day. Ichabod, Diana, Jake, and Alex try to figure out how to combat the demon and keep the death toll at the concert to a minimum. Diana wonders why the walls of the demon’s cell were made of copper and Jake says copper must be the demon's weakness. They need to make weapons out of copper and Alex volunteers to throw something together. The next day Diana and Ichabod walk through the crowd. Ichabod spots the demon. Ichabod unfolds a large American flag and belts out “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” grabbing the demon’s attention. Diana calls and lets Jake and Alex know they’re on their way. At a warehouse, Alex made bullets out of copper. The newly formed foursome wait for the demon, but he’s so fast he gets the jump on Jake and starts to strangle him. Just then Jenny shows up and shoots the demon. Ichabod introduces her to the others. With the Demon taken care of, Ichabod and Diana have a quiet chat. At home, Diana checks in on Molly and tells her daughter she met some “complete weirdos” at work. Molly smiles but remains silent.[2]

Diana is trying to make breakfast for herself and Molly without success. Molly still doesn't talk, and the sitter Clara arrives to take care of Molly. Diana thanks Clara for her help and leaves for work. After a homicide is called in, Diana gives Ichabod a location, and he meets her at a field. She admits that she called him against her better judgment, and points out that the victim was stabbed in the back and her tongue was cut out. She figures that it was a Wiccan ritual killing, and shows Ichabod her camera view of the body... which reveals a different, older face. Ichabod explains that it's a glamour, a form of mystical camouflage used since the Salem Witch Trials. Ichabod examines the body and finds a snake brand on its wrist. He tells Diana that he believes the woman visited Sleepy Hollow a long time ago. Ichabod explains that the coven used their power to sniff out liars. He believes that the dead woman is Moll. Ichabod realizes that Moll was killed by the other two coven members. She puts out an APB on women with the unique brand. Diana drives Ichabod into DC and she wonders how he knows so much about witches, and Ichabod says that he was married to one. He asks about Molly's father, and Diana refuses to answer. A hit on her APB comes in. Once they get to the bar, Ichabod calls Jenny. Diana interrupts him, and Jenny gives him a cover story over the phone without much luck. He quickly hangs up, and Diana brings up the security footage showing Malligo and Marg leaving the scene after killing everyone in the bar. The footage sees through their glamours, revealing them as older than they appear. Diana and Ichabod realizes that the witches will find plenty of lies and betrayal in DC and Ichabod figures that the sisters will need to regain their energy. At the elementary school, Diana and Ichabod pull up and Diana goes to get Molly. She runs over to check on Molly as she is with Jenny, and then asks Jenny why she's there. Meanwhile, Ichabod comes over and Molly recognizes him from her sketches. She speaks, saying, "Hello," and Diana stares at her daughter in surprise. Molly continues speaking, telling Diana what happened.[4]

Clara arrives to pick up Molly, and Diana says that she has a case to close but will be home as soon as possible. Molly says that it's okay and promises to still be talking. Diana goes over to Ichabod and Jenny and demands an explanation. Jenny says that they were concerned for Molly's safety. Jenny apologizes for overstepping her bounds, and Diana says that she should have asked. Satisfied, she then tells Ichabod that they should find the witches. Ichabod and Diana return to the wetlands with Jenny, and Ichabod uses a camera to penetrate the glamour and see the Dyer Manor. He shows Jenny and Diana, and then they enter the house. They search the place and Diana finds a dagger and Jenny warns that a single cut is instantly fatal. Ichabod figures that the sisters have some kind of machine maintaining the glamour, and notice a clock with mystic symbols. Diana reaches forward to touch it, and the clock glows as it speeds up. The hands stop after a moment, and Malligo magically pulls Diana out of the room. She then comes in and Jenny goes to help Diana. Diana wakes up in the parlor and finds Marg waiting for her. Marg easily pins her to the wall with a spell, but Jenny comes in and tells Marg that she lies daily to herself about the lie. The witch is impressed by her telling the truth and pins Jenny to the wall as well. However, she points out that Jenny and Diana ruined their fun. The glamour fades and the sisters take on their true appearance. Jenny kicks Marg back and Diana shoots her dead. Ichabod throws the Dagger at Malligo but she dodges. The clock spins out of control, and Ichabod runs out as a blast of magical energy from it destroys Malligo and ends the glamour. Diana says that she needs a moment and leaves Ichabod and Jenny. Jenny tells him that Diana can handle things, and Ichabod says that they'll tell her the truth about Molly that night. Later at the vault, Alex shows the others two documents that she found in the clock. One is dated 1780. Diana says that they can talk about it the next day after she spends a night with Molly. At Diana's home, Molly makes pancakes for dinner. As she and Diana eat, Molly says that she doesn't know why she wouldn't say anything. She felt strange, like a friend was gone.[4]


  • Marksmanship: As an Agent, Diana is expertly trained and knows how to take care of herself with a gun. When pursuing a demon, she shot it multiple times without missing.[2]


  • Diana serves as Abby's replacement on Crane's misssion (due to her law enforcement connections), due to Molly.(Abby's replacement as Witness) being too young to help.
    • Even if Lara, Molly's alternate future self, returned, she would serve as similar rols to Jenny and Nick.


  • The name "Diana" is probably derived from an old Indo-European root meaning "heavenly, divine", related to dyeus. Diana was a Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, forests, and childbirth, often identified with the Greek goddess Artemis. As a given name, Diana has been regularly used since the Renaissance. It became more common in the English-speaking world following Sir Walter Scott's novel 'Rob Roy' (1817), which featured a character named Diana Vernon. It also appeared in George Meredith's novel 'Diana of the Crossways' (1885). A notable bearer was Diana Spencer (1961-1997), the Princess of Wales.[5]


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