"Officer down! Oh, my God. Officer down! Fox Creek Stables! Repeat, Fox Creek Stables, officer down!"
Abbie Mills to her police radio.[src]

Fox Creek Stables is the last place Sheriff August Corbin and Lieutenant Abbie Mills investigated together. They responded to a noise complaint, and discovered that the stable owner, Jimmy Ogleby, had been beheaded.


Headless HorsemanEdit

The Headless Horseman arrived at the stables and killed the owner, Jimmy Ogleby. He then went into the stables. After getting a complaint, the towns police arrive. August Corbin and Abbie Mills look around. Abbie looks in the house for the owner when she finds a weapon. She radios in when she finds the beheaded body of Jimmy. She then rushes out and goes to the stables where August went. Inside the stables, Sheriff Corbin beheld the Headless Horseman, before he, too, was beheaded. Abbie was creeping outside when the axe went through the wood, scaring her. The Horseman then burst out of the stables. Abbie was confused as he didn't had a head.[1]


On-Screen NotesEdit

  • Death may have been there to acquire a horse as his steed, or the horse he rides was there waiting for him.


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