"He never admitted to seeing anything. Probably because it would have cost him the 15 minutes of fame he got from being a small-town hero. But he knew."
Abbie Mills to Ichabod Crane about Garrett Gillespie[src]

Garrett Gillespie was a rancher who found Jenny and Abbie in the woods a few days after they were missing. Despite also seeing the demon Moloch, he denied it, leading to Ro'kenhronteys sealing his fate.


Witnessing the DemonEdit

Gillespie worked as a rancher in the Sleepy Hollow area when he, at 52[1], found the Mills sisters, Jenny and Abbie passed out in the woods. In doing this, he found the two girls that had been missing for two days. Gillespie then saw the demon Moloch by the four trees in Pocantico Grove, representing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He later denied seeing Moloch but the sandman sealed his fate.[2]


Around 2013, Gillespie now also works as a woodcarver at his ranch. While falling asleep with a beer in his hand, his eyes fly open at a sudden noise. He goes to investigate and cuts his leg on nail sticking out of a table. After wiping his blood on a cloth, the blood takes on a strange shape. He takes out his gun, and the demon briefly appears behind him before disappearing again. Later, Gillespie was possessed and subsequently murdered by Ro'kenhronteys, who used him to send a message to Abbie Mills. He warns her "the Sandman" is coming for her next. "Next time you fall asleep, you're dead."[2]


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