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"Miss Jenny, 'til most heartening to hear your voice, even if merely an auditory reproduction. I trust your journeys to parts unknown have borne fruit. Perhaps you have found more answers than I as to the whereabouts of the next Witness. I, too, have left the confines of Sleepy Hollow, and... yet again, my eyes are opened to a plain fact. I'm out of my element. But I remain hopeful. I have found new allies. And though it is early, I have a good feeling."
—Ichabod Crane to Jenny Mills[src]

Ichabod Crane is the protagonist and a man who, born in the 18th century, was a former Oxford history professor before becoming a captain in the Revolutionary War. Being killed in battle, Crane somehow awoke in a modern-day Sleepy Hollow. It was eventually revealed to him that his wife, Katrina, and her coven had cast a spell on him in order to resurrect him and put him on the correct path as one of the Witnesses mentioned in the biblical Book of Revelation. He found and formed a team with Abbie Mills, the Second Witness.

As time went on, Crane learned that his son, who was born after his battle with Death, was the Horseman of War. Ironically, to protect his friend Diana Thomas from Malcolm Dreyfuss, he was shot by Dreyfuss and became the new Horseman of War, but was returned to normal.


Early Life[]

Crane was once a professor of history in Oxford, who was enlisted to fight in the British army.[4] In 1770, he left Dover, England for the American colonies. Before he left, he spoke with his father, telling him he would miss his studies.[5]

One of his early duties in the British Army was to capture Arthur Benard, a freed slave suspected of treason. Crane met Arthur's nurse, Katrina Van Tassel, who was against his interrogation. Once alone, Arthur told Crane about demons who were disguised as soldiers and offered him a chance to fight alongside him. After the British lynched traitors in public as an example for the community, Crane opposed his superior, Colonel Banastre Tarleton, and expressed that executing people in public was wrong; Tarleton, in turn, accused him of being a traitor, which made Ichabod submit. However, within a brief second, Crane spotted Tarleton's face change into something demonic. Katrina spoke of Crane being a true Witness and a good man after this claim.[6]

Arriving late to resume Arthur's interrogation, Tarleton gave Ichabod the only option to redeem himself by taking Arthur to the forest and murdering him. Crane released him, and Arthur told him to repeat the words "Ordo Ab Chao" to Katrina and she shall bring him to George Washington. As Arthur escaped, he was murdered by Tarleton, who revealed himself to be a demon. After an unfair fight, the demon fled from the forest while Ichabod was taken back to Katrina for aid.[6] Being enlisted in the Queen's Royal Regiment, Crane was sent to America to fight off soldiers. He grew weary of the British tyranny in America and defected to the Continental Army, serving under General Washington.[4] At Washington's suggestion, Crane became an apprentice to Benjamin Franklin, and Crane assisted Franklin in his experiments in electricity[7]

In 1773, Ichabod was also a part of the Boston Tea Party movement (known at the time as "The Destruction of the Tea"), which he claimed to invent. The natural intent of the movement was so that Ichabod, Samuel Adams, and the Virginia militia could stop a British shipment in order to retrieve a special weapon. The weapon, encased in a stone box, was guarded by a Hessian. The Hessian lit a bomb, sparing only Ichabod. Therefore, he took the box and shipped it to Washington via ferry.[8]

Abraham rejects Ichabod's yielding.

During this time, Crane befriended Abraham Van Brunt. Their relationship was very positive, and the two did productive things with one another, such as socializing at bars and practicing fencing. The two even left England together to join the American army. However, their friendship began to teeter once Abraham told Ichabod of Katrina, Abraham's betrothed. In 1774, Katrina confessed her love for Ichabod, which prompted her to leave Abraham. The next day, Ichabod and Abraham were tasked with an important duty to deliver the Declaration of Resolves of the First Continental Congress. Ichabod admitted his knowledge of the break-up and Katrina's love for him; this flustered Abraham and the two began to duel in enemy territory. Abraham ended up getting shot by a Redcoat and demanded that Ichabod leave him to die.[9]

Before the war started, during a night of the blood moon, Ichabod's camp had been completely destroyed by overwhelming power, incomparable to average artillery. Crane then heard tales of Serilda of Abaddon, and Washington claimed the Redcoats formed an alliance with the witch. Over time, similar ambushes began to happen.[10]

In 1775, Crane guarded a safe house where Samuel Adams and John Hancock were avoiding arrest. While on lookout, he was alerted by a lantern, lit by Paul Revere, that the crown had arrived in American colonies. Just before he was going to tell Adams of the alert, he spotted Adams giving Revere a Freemason manuscript that contained secrets.[11]

Ichabod fought alongside the Mohawk people and utilized espionage; he would later mention that they were great spies and could go untraced.[12] Two scouts he considered friends, Chief Wistaron and Wiroh, told him the story of how the dream demon Ro'kenhronteys had killed Wiroh's father for failing his friend.[3] He also spoke in favor of abolishing slavery and was part of the New York Abolitionist movement. During the war, he accepted an invitation to Lachlan Fredericks' manor with Katrina. Fredericks Manor was basically a coven, and had many freed slaves that willingly worked at the residence.[13]

In 1778, Crane was friends with Daniel Boone and heard about his brother, Squire's ailment after his expedition with the Shawnee. He also knew about the scars Daniel hid under his raccoon/beaver hat.[14]

In the latter half of the Revolutionary War, a British officer named John Andre was delivered to Washington. Washington and Ichabod visits Andre in his cell, and Ichabod explained that Andre's tongue was cut from his mouth. Papers in his possession led to Benedict Arnold's treachery, and both of them were executed. Washington captured Andre thanks to the help of the Dyer sisters. Ichabod saw them meet with Washington and noticed the snake brand on their wrists.[15]


By 1781, Crane had risen through the ranks. The hessian soldiers had just ambushed them in the Hudsen Valley. Washington called Ichabod to his tent. Crane was given a special task from Washington: To defeat a very specific Hessian soldier in battle, a mercenary who would be branded with the symbol of a bow on the back of his hand. During the battle, Ichabod fought the soldiers. Ichabod took cover behind a tree and shot a few hessian soldiers. Once the coast was clear, he searched for the hessian soldier that he was looking for among the dead. He was checking the backs of their hands when another soldier alerted him to the hessian soldier that he was looking for behind him. When he faced the towering Redcoat in the field in Hudson Valley he was riding a horse. Crane shot him which knocked him off of his horse, though his enemy arose nearly instantaneously. Crane grabbed another gun and aimed it at the soldier but his axe knocked the gun from his hands. While his axe was in the ground, Ichabod saw the bow on the back of his hand. When Crane looked up, he saw the soldiers white eyes staring back at him. After being sliced in the chest by the enemy's broadaxe, Crane used his sword to decapitate the Redcoat[4] which was only possible because of the Philosopher's Stone which was planted there by George Washington and Benjamin Banneker. The two became linked by blood.[16] Ichabod was salvaged and taken to the medical bay which his wife, Katrina rushed to save him. Unable to do so, Katrina put a spell on Ichabod which would later resurrect him when the time was right. Ichabod was then laid to rest in a tomb under Sleepy Hollow with Washington's Bible, awaiting his awakening where he would someday fulfil his destiny as a Witness.[4]


Ichabod emerges from his grave after two centuries.

Crane awoke in a cave in what he found to be 21st-century Sleepy Hollow. Shocked and in awe by the strangeness of the time, he was indicted for the murder of Sheriff August Corbin, which was actually caused by the Headless Horseman. He pleaded for his case to the reluctant Abbie Mills, who witnessed the murder herself. Crane was considered insane by the police and for the most part, Abbie, but she believed that Crane's knowledge could hold the key to solving the murder and finding the true killer. Abbie disobeyed orders and asked Crane to show her where he had awoken. Revisiting the cave, Crane came across a Bible buried with him. The marked passage foretold the story of Revelation, which made Ichabod speculate that the Headless Horsemen is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Headless Horseman struck again and Crane was dragged to a murder scene with Abbie, where he came across his wife's tombstone which stated Katrina was burned for witchcraft. After a short argument, Abbie took Crane to a psychiatric ward, where she revealed something supernatural that happened to her in the past. Crane was visited by Katrina in his dreams, who confirmed that she was a witch given the duty of preventing the Apocalypse. Katrina revealed that her grave contained the Horseman's skull and that she was trapped in Purgatory. Katrina then told Ichabod that he was the first Witness and must stop the Headless Horseman from retrieving his skull which would restore him to full power. Afterwards, Crane and Abbie, the second Witness, successfully prevented the Horseman from getting his skull and formed an alliance.[4]

Staying the night in a motel, Ichabod was under surveillance by the police. He was visited by Katrina in a dream, forewarning him about an evil to come. Crane was then taken by Abbie to attend Corbin's funeral and he shared the pain with her by mourning his wife. However, that's when Crane came to the conclusion that the evil Katrina spoke of was a witch. After some time, they were called to a crime scene where the victim was burnt to ash. Crane noticed that the victim's heart was missing. Searching for more information, he discovered an underground tunnel that led to a chamber where he and Abbie could plan. Crane came to the conclusion that the witch, Serilda, was hunting down her victims based on their bloodlines as their ancestors killed her in the past. Crane and Abbie missed the chance of catching Serilda's after she obtained her target: a dead man's ashes. Using his ashes, she regained her flesh and pursued Ichabod. Using the gunpowder in the tunnels, he threw a torch to create a massive explosion, defeating Serilda.[10]

The Dream Demon[]

The scorpion sting gives the dreamers full control in Ro'kenhronteys' world.

After witnessing a public suicide of a woman named Dr. Maura Vega. Abbie told Ichabod that Vega's eyes were white. When examining the eye, it exploded, being filled with sand. Abbie confessed to him that she had a nightmare that included Crane, a faceless creature and Dr. Vega, although she had never met her before. Crane and Abbie dug up files on Dr. Vega and found out that she was Jenny's former doctor. After a lot of convincing, Crane was taken to see Jenny. She agreed to speak with Ichabod alone, but he got nothing out of her because of her grudge with Abbie. Wanting to know more behind what damaged the sisters' relationship, Crane was told by Abbie that she didn't confess to seeing anything that day in the forest. Unlike Abbie, Jenny ended up in mental institutions. Next visit was Garrett Gillespie, who found Abbie and Jenny when they were missing. It turned out Gillespie put himself at gunpoint and asked to speak with Abbie. After hearing gunshots, Ichabod ran to Abbie's aid, but Gillespie took his own life. After discussing Abbie's nightmare, Crane recalled connections to a creature named "Ro'kenhronteys" he heard of in the past. They both went to Seamus in hopes for defeating the creature. He prepared a ritual for Abbie, and Ichabod insisted that he'd join along to help Abbie face Ro'kenhronteys. With the help of Crane, Abbie destroyed Ro'kenhronteys. Afterward, Crane admitted to Abbie that it'd be best if she were to amend her relationship with Jenny.[17]

Search for Jenny Mills[]

Patiently sitting in the car and poetically speaking to a female executive from NorthStar Assistance named Yolanda about Katrina, Ichabod was approached by Abbie and notified that Jenny escaped from the institution. In the midst of receiving information, Ichabod was told of Abbie's difficult childhood. Ichabod suggested the best lead would be to visit Jenny's past foster homes to gain information on her whereabouts. Eventually, they learned of a cabin Jenny would go to in order to visit a friend. Breaking in the cabin, both recognized photographs with both Jenny and Corbin. Eventually, they ran into Jenny who held them at gun point. Fed up by their senseless arguing, Ichabod silenced both sisters. Jenny immediately uncovered something that Corbin wanted to keep safe: A sextant. Ichabod helped understand the mechanism that was actually a projector that showed a map, created by Washington, of Sleepy Hollow from the 18th century. The map showed the location of a chest Ichabod found with his militia during The Boston Tea Party. Shortly, the group was ambushed by a modern-day Hessian group who escaped with the sextant. Holding one Hessian hostage, he killed himself with a cyanide pill after telling Crane their objectives; to use The Lesser Key of Solomon to unleash 76 demons upon Earth. His last words were "Moloch shall rise". Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny reached the destination and stopped the Hessian group and destroyed the book. Ichabod himself learned that Moloch is the one who guarded Katrina in Purgatory.[8]

Finding the Lost Colony[]

Ichabod is quarantined after contracting the unidentified illness.

Crane is dragged on another emergency with Abbie, and is taken to a young, sick boy who spoke Middle English. Being fluent in this language, Crane communicated with him and is told that he is from Roanoke. He and Abbie looked up cases on lost children and couldn't seem to find one on the young boy. Later, Ichabod was taken to the hospital where the young boy, listed as a John Doe, was a patient due to having an unidentified illness. The boy told Ichabod of an evil girl and Conquest. Ichabod came to the conclusion that he is from the sixteenth century Roanoke, also known as the lost colony. Using his skills to track down the village, Ichabod found the village with Abbie. Notably, all the villagers possessed the illness. Crane spoke with John Doe's father, and was told that the colony protected the people and prevented the illness from spreading. Upon returning back to Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod learned that the illness of John Doe began spreading like a plague and that Ichabod, himself, contracted it. While in quarantine, Ichabod awoke in Purgatory, and was found by Katrina. After speaking with her, he woke up being taken to Roanoke by Abbie. He was enlightened that the illness may go away once they are baptized in the colony's holy water. Ultimately, they were cured; John Doe, along with his village, and Conquest vanished.[18]

Ultimate Sacrifice[]

Ichabod willingly gives into sacrificing himself.

After enjoying a baseball game with Abbie, Ichabod departed from her to visit Katrina's grave. Strangely, Ichabod is shot with a tranquilizer dart. He gained back consciousness and awoke in an underground cell and was confronted by a man who was leader of the group, later identified as the Freemasons. Ichabod made it well know that he, too, is a mason. When requested, he told them stories of when he was a solider in the British army, and when he first learned of his place as a witness. When the Masons' learned of his connection to the Headless Horseman's, they came to a conclusion that Ichabod had to take his own life in order to end the horseman's in return. Afterward, he was found by Abbie, who highly refused to let him die and told him of the Sin Eater named Henry Parrish. Not wasting any time, Ichabod drank the poison he was given. After the poison began to take effect, he was approached by Henry, who quickly severed the link between Crane and horseman.[6]

Mason Meeting[]

The horseman is successfully led into a trap.

Ichabod explained to Abbie that the Freemasons planned to have a meeting to discuss a way to defeat the Headless Horseman. Abbie, on the other hand, wasn't allowed to attend the meeting, but Ichabod eventually insisted. Later that night, Ichabod reached the masonic lodge and was alerted by gunshots inside the residence. Armed with a sword, Ichabod investigated and witnessed the Masons decapitated. Running into Abbie, they spotted the Headless Horseman fleeing the scene. While the police department investigated the crime scene, Ichabod searched for clues to defeat the horseman, and he realized that the horseman was looking for his skull. With the permission of Captain Irving, Ichabod came to a conclusion that they had to destroy it. After multiple attempts, the skull couldn't be destroyed. Finally, Ichabod and Abbie found the heads of the Mason's which were hanging from a building like lanterns. Ichabod told Abbie stories of the use of lanterns in his past, and mentioned remembering a manuscript that told of secrets to destroy the horseman. The next day, Ichabod and Abbie visited the Tarrytown Museum of Colonial History to locate the manuscript. Meanwhile being taken away from interrupting a tour, Abbie notified Ichabod that the manuscript was accessible online. While alone, Ichabod deciphered the manuscript by revealing a hidden password engraved in the back of the skull's teeth. He found Abbie, holding Andy at gunpoint. After Andy left, she told Ichabod that Andy shared information that the horseman could be caught. With the help of Frank, they created a diversion and lured the horseman into the masonic cell, weakening him with ultraviolet lights.[11]

Unmasking the horseman[]

After communication with the horseman through Andy Brooks, Ichabod discovered that the horseman was Abraham Van Brunt. Abraham made a deal with Moloch by taking on the role as the horseman of Death in exchange for Katrina. He was sent by the Hessians in an attempt to kill Paul Revere during his Midnight Ride, but failed. He fought against Ichabod, and the battle ended with Ichabod dying after being sliced in the chest by the horseman's axe and Abraham decapitated and their blood linked.

Rise of War[]

About a year has passed since Ichabod was buried. He found himself in his cabin, which appeared to be abandoned. He later saw Abbie alive and well holding a cupcake with a candle celebrating his 250th birthday; he kind of despised all that. He discovered that one year had passed, and they both lost someone they cared about: Katrina and Jenny respectively. As the Witnesses, they must stop Moloch and find the Key to Purgatory. He recognized it as he was an apprentice for Franklin working on an electricity experiment involving a kite. Apparently, he was trying to destroy the key with a lightning strike, but his attempt failed. He realized it was still lying around Sleepy Hollow, and he went to his imprisoned son for answers. He brought in a plant, which later wilted. Henry revealed all the things he was experiencing was an illusion created by Moloch, as the fateful day began to blur in his mind. He then captured him, and would send him back to that day for his sins, where he was buried, Abbie's in Purgatory, and Jenny and Katrina were captured. As punishment, he found himself inside the casket as if nothing happened. Minutes later, he made a final message on his phone, but the memory was full. Through his frustration, he knew the casket was made of sulfur. He then made an explosive and he got out. He retrieved a message from Jenny she's trapped in a warehouse in Rt. 9. He followed the sign and found himself in a shootout. They escaped and began searching for the key; luckily Henry didn't get to it yet after reading Jenny's sins. They figured out that the key was buried "under the alarm clock;" the clock belonging to the Police Department and only Ben buried it for himself. He then saw Abbie through a car mirror, he went into it, and they reunited temporarily saying he found a way to help her escape. So they hurried to the spot where the worlds meet and Jenny warned him not to eat or drink anything, as he'll be imprisoned permanently. He went through the portal with an incantation and the key, and later caught up to her where Moloch, disguised as him, offered her a drink. He stopped him and he lost; however, the fray was confusing and she suspected it was the real Ichabod. Until he mistakenly called her "lieutenant." She attacked the illusion and she remembered how Crane described her. They reunited again and Moloch gave chase on a horse. They managed to escape with the spell, the key, and the portal closing on him in mere seconds. The mission was accomplished, then Abbie concocted a plan to save Katrina: by animating a weapon, or monster, Ben created known as the Kindred.[7]

Shortly after his son became the Horseman of War, Ichabod and Abbie were looking through past accounts on the Kindred. It was a monster created by Benjamin Franklin containing various organs and body parts from fallen Patriots. The only thing he needed was a galvanizer to resurrect his creation. They could use it to distract the Horsemen while saving Katrina. By the time they found the hideout, Abbie was uncertain he would obey them since they'd resurrect it. So they carried it to the Horsemen's hideout, used a spell and the galvanizer, and seconds later the Kindred sprung to life before Death claimed their's. Being an abomination from many warriors, he's incredibly skilled in combat. However, he was evenly matched. Ichabod pleaded with Katrina to bail her out, but she decided to stay instead. As the Kindred disappeared, Death and War following, Abbie signaled Crane it was time to leave. He then promised they will save her and try again. He was deeply saddened by their failed attempt, though he was determined.[19]

Ichabod and Abbie were taking a "field trip" in an old port. She got a call saying there was a robbery at a bank. She investigated at the burglar was a woman she knew who had a kind personality; it was highly unllike her to commit a crime and would be desperate for money. Through the surveillance, she saw a suspicious coin, in what Ichabod described as a Judas coin. It was said that even good people could show their "dark side" if they see and have it in their possession. Later, they witnessed an explosion at a house. Two men were killed, a father and son, and it was the latter who planned to kill him. It too was caused by a Judas coin. They eventually met a man who was interested in the supernatural for the sake of profit, as well as an old flame of the Mills sisters, Nick Hawley. He was on the case he found out where Jenny is heading: to a hunting ground where the new sheriff, Reyes, is located. During her community service cleaning grafitti, after she was caught by Reyes preparing weapons, she then succumbed to a Judas coin left by Henry. It led her to the woods, and Abbie and the others followed. Hawley said that stained glass is the way to pprotect themselves from its influence, and while heading there, Ichabod recalled an unfortunate event: while he made friends with the Mohawk tribe, they found out about Benedict Arnold's treachery. The Loyalist was soon named the "dark eagle;" he believed the Judas coin was responsible for causing the sudden turn, fighting for the British. He later saw him, they hesitated, and they let each other pass through without raising a weapon. They found Jenny with a rifle aiming toward Reyes, until Abbie stopped her. She said Reyes was the culprit for killing her mom, according to Henry's lies through the coin. Just as soon as Abbie was consumed by it, Hawley used a piece of stained glass to capture it. But Ichabod labeled him as a "privateer" since he never cared about anyone's welfare but his, and his wealth. He also discovered there are still thirty coins out there, and he gave a valueable lesson: What matters now more than ever is that you and I stay true. Trust is the only currency with any value.[20]

After the ordeal with the Judas coin, Reyes came across Ichabod saying that he's a suspicious person and that he doesn't have ID. He must come up with one in about 48 hours. Before Hawley left, he managed to make Ichabod a license card for him which lead to the next step: passing the driving tests. The next episode starts with his unsuccessful attempt at the precinct parking lot. Abbie had been training him, and he had little control over the car. She then had a call concerning a family belonging to a friend of hers, the Lancasters. Their only daughter disappeared recently and, according to her, she heard a flute last night coming from the distance. The sound lured her away from the home. They retrieved her, but she disappeared again. Following her footsteps, Ichabod uncovered a flute made of bone. Once he played it, Abbie snapped into a trance and wandered away. He snapped her out of it and she was heading to a particular destination. The calcium from the bone structure was rich, which led to the conclusion that the victim was a 10-year old. They analyzed the sound coming from it, which belonged to some Chinese woodwind instrument. As he scanned through a window at the Lancaster house, he saw some 18th century weapons. He later recognized the culprit from the Archives as the Pied Piper. He often uses the flute to draw away Patriots, and killing them with unmatched speed. Its movements were causing tons of damage to their ears before they died. So using the flute, Abbie leads the way and later come across Hawley. He decided to help them locate the lair and then find the girl, Sarah. Hawley deals with the monster while they escape, using chargers to slow it down. Nick demands the flut, Abbie breaks it in half, and that was when Ichabod labels him as a "privateer." Later, he grew concerned on Frank's fate when his son taints his soul, and the job isn't over yet. Because of the rescue, there was a plague consuming the Lancasters. The men were dying, and the mom decides to make a sacrifice to Sarah in order to appeal the Piper. He figured their best chance was to block their ears while defeating the Piper, Abbie suggested the rubber ear buds. They found them, and while she deals with the family, Ichabod took the offensive. He approached the lair, put in the buds which he only heard his breathing, and faced the Piper again. He managed to knock him down, and the buds fell out, making him vulnerable to his ear-piercing swiftness. Then Abbie shot him, and the mission was successful with the Lancasters safe at last.[21]

Ichabod reunited with his old flame, Caroline. She visited his cabin giving him gifts of 18th century clothing, including those he'd worn and she repaired. Then Abbie showed up, and Caroline thought they were a couple. He stumbled on his words only saying she's his partner, which didn't bode well. Minutes later, he apologized for what transpired. He clarified that Abbie works with him, and that the ring symbolizes his love for Katrina. She accepts, he bows, and sees her one last time. Caroline was dead the next day near a lake; the officials said she drowned. Heartbroken, Ichabod was determined who might've killed her. At a distant library, they try to find info on the monster; however, Ichabod heard a woman crying and saw Abbie drowning in a newly-formed lake. He reached down and managed to take her out, but she wasn't breathing. Helpless, he watched Hawley give her CPR, then she was revived. Before the attack, he found out it was done by the Weeping Lady, which explained his encounter. Afterwards, he recognized her as someone from his distant past, Mary Wells. She was once his first love and was promised to him as a kid, though she was very clingy. Because of her jealousy, he broke things off. He believed she moved back to England, but apparently she's out for blood. Whoever Ichabod gets involved with will meet a similar fate to Abbie and Caroline. Katrina is undoubtedly next since he's still connected to her. They decided to find her at the Horsemen's hideout before it's too late. At that night, she managed to escape using her magic, and she and Abbie were on the case. Together, they used an enchanted spell to separate Mary's soul from the monster, and make her spirit rest. It was proven successful, but Ichabod received a shocking confession: Katrina revealed to Mary about her relationship with Ichabod. It was at a secret location on a cliff at night. No doubt that was what started Mary's jealous over him, and through an intense quarrel, she fell at met her demise at the lake below. Since then, she became the Weeping Lady. But what's even worse, was that Katrina never told Ichabod about her true fate. He figured she moved back to England with the Revolution and all, not the fact that she was involved in a fatal accident. Since then, Ichabod was disheartened and he never wanted to trust her wife again. He saw her leave with Death and his horse. At the bar he and Abbie wanted to visit Caroline's funeral on Saturday.[22]

Ichabod was still distraught over Caroline's loss and Katrina's deception. It all started at his cabin when Abbie was teaching him a yoga lesson; it was actually her way on handling stress and depression. His way, however, was just drinking. At the bar, Abbie received a call concerning a noise complaint and numerous deaths at a camping site. He was sober enough to proceed, and there were no survivors, except one. His name was Joe. Abbie and Ichabod look through his father's house and found nothing, except Ichabod kind of got dragged in with Call of Duty; obviously since they were both soldiers. Abbie finds that an old acquaintance of hers has returned from Afghanistan. The son of August who was honorably discharged from the army. She wanted to talk to him while he was imprisoned, but he rejected her since he blames her of his father's death. During a ride, she used to babysit him when he was a kid and he always loved his Superman outfit. "Once a hero, always a hero," Ichabod said. After seeing a suspicious footprint, they analyzed it in the Archives and didn't belong to anything basic. In the supernatural, though, it belonged to the Wendigo. Much like a werewolf, it could change from human form, only the trigger is by smelling blood and feeding off people's organs. Because Joe was the only survivor during the assault, they believe it would be him. Joe couldn't recall what happened that night, which drew their suspicion further. The curse reminded Ichabod of an event involving the Shawnee. In 1778, Crane was friends with Daniel Boone and heard about his brother, Squire's ailment, after his expedition with the Shawnee. He also knew about the scars Daniel hid under his raccoon/beaver hat. They've tracked him down in the woods and witnessed the transformation. They captured him after bringing him organs, and he turned to normal after he ate them. Apparently, Ichabod's son, Henry, gave him that curse and a letter. He'll only get a cure in exchange for a powerful poison. Later he met with Hawley who knows about the curse. He suggests they'd see a Shawnee shaman, which has a job at a repair station. His name was Big Ash, and he reluctantly agreed to help them. While Abbie was interrogating Joe, Hawley and Ichabod came across a skull with a message engraved behind it. It was the Shawnee spell that'll change Joe back permanently; however, they must hurry. Big Ash said that the Wendigo has four seasons, four cycles of transformation. If they don't hurry by the final cycle, the result could be permanent. Meanwhile, Abbie met up with Ichabod after Joe eluded himself. Desperate for the cure, he hurried to Henry and he tricked him by cutting his arm, and turning him to the Wendigo one last time. Jenny teamed up but she was trapped in the vault after she was trying to persuade Joe to not listen to Henry. Ichabod and Abbie found him as the beast, and he recited the spell. It worked very slowly, and the Wendigo was about to kill Abbie, until the spell worked! Then as Joe was leaving to pursue his father's footsteps, Ichabod started to have this craze with Call of Duty.[14]

Ichabod was first seen at a voting booth with Abbie; he kind of criticized it. Then she got a call saying that a Jane Doe was taken to a hospital. While there, they were being followed by a secret gang known as the Hellfire club. They took her away and began to research her illness. It was very confusing as who did it. At first, Ichabod thought it was Henry, then Death, and Katrina denied them both. Then the Archives were attacked by the following occult and they fled to a nearby church. He eventually decides to talk to Henry to figure out what's going on. At the Tarrytown Psych Ward, he finds him and demands what's happening to Katrina: it was a baby Moloch, growing inside her. Refusing to help her, Ichabod grabbed Henry's arm and saw a flashback when a boy was being chased, tripped, and nearly tortured. He tells Abbie the news, and he later stumbles upon an account by Franklin. He made a weapon that's supposed to reflect sunlight and cause an appearance of the Aurora Borealis. He figured it was the only way to stop Moloch from making his lethal exit. They managed to find it at the Hellfire Club's hideout while Katrina stayed at the church with a walkie-talkie beside her. The object was sealed and a code had to be used. He momentarily unlocked it while they were being attacked. Fortunately, Reyes and her crew showed up in time, helping the Witnesses. It was then that Reyes was convinced on what they do. Ichabod hurriedly rushed back and Katrina was suffering, Moloch was close to breaking free. He opened up a sash and held the object against the sunlight. Abbie was horrified as she watched her, but the rays brightened Katrina's stomach, forcing Moloch to retreat. However, the damage was somewhat done, as Katrina's breathing and heart stopped from the torture. Thanks to Hawley, Ichabod managed CPR and revived her. He let her rest for a little while and departed with Abbie. It was another job well done as he was a bit rusty with a fist bump.[23]

Ichabod was first seen with Katrina resting in his cabin. For now she feels safe from Moloch and the Horsemen, but the peace didn't last as Abbie approached, saying she couldn't tracked down Henry, and he hasn't heard from him in a week. Then Abbie had an assignment. At a crime scene near a club a man was slain. This was actually when Ichabod mentioned that he watches Glee, and there were some gay couples at his time. Abbie wonders if this is somehow Henrys work. They try to identify the monster responsible. According to Katrina, the puncture wounds were located in a life force area. It was as if a soul was being sucked out of the person's body. After Katrina receives a vision of a crying baby in a crib, Ichabod becomes deeply concerned about her. He would rather escort her home, than get involved with the case. It wasn't long before a female victim was identified near a diner. While Crane was narrowing the details, Abbie suggests that they consult with an expert. However, Hawley refuses to help. Fortunately the clues help Katrina identify the Succubus, a female equivalent to the Incubus. It's a demon that creates and feeds off of people's desires. She also has the ability to mimic them as well. Through a spell, Katrina manages to find the devil's location. She spread wax on a map, and it lead her near a harbor. Meanwhile, Ichabod and Abbie find Hawley struggling in a boat. The Succubus was at it again, and Crane hit her with a pole. She was sucking out Hawley's soul and Abbie shot her and escaped. Ichabod tried to warn Hawley of how the Succubus works, though he refused his advice. He later met up with Katrina at the cabin. She just had a nightmare involving a crying baby in a crib, Henry standing over it. Part of herself was elsewhere and can't let go. Abbie shows up and it turns out succubi feed monthly, why this particular Succubus she has no idea. Katrina couldn't locate the monster due to her weakened state. She later gets a terrifying vision that the monster is beside Henry as they gaze into the crib, with a glass jar. It turns out to be Frederich's Manor in the present due to the many vines hanging there. She focuses and the glass jar has contents of the fallen victims. A green slime was fed to the baby, which happens to be Moloch. Ichabod broke up a fight between Katrina and Abbie as they argued whether or not Henry can be saved. Returning to the Archives, Abbie found the monster is an Incordata. Ichabod found an account about it during the first century. A Roman priest defeated the first one and gave it to Emperor Claudius. He used it to immortalize it into St. Valentine, thus started the custom of giving hearts to loved ones for Valentine's Day. There are two separate sources: the demon and the heart. It was revealed as the Heartless, similar to a Succubus. She lives without one and she manages to keep her heart beating as she devours people's souls. Katrina said the heart would be in hallowed ground at a cemetery, and Abbie discovered Henry bought some plot there recently. So she and Katrina, as the heart's GPS, volunteer to find and destroy it. While he and Hawley find it at the previous club, Abbie amd Katrina find a tomb marked with a hex. He found the monster at a storage area within the bar and was nearly caught under her spell as she shifts to Katrina and attempts to subdue him. It didn't really work. He then used the enchanted knife Hawley gave to him, but no avail. He catches up, and the Heartless absorbs their souls. They find a heart jar, despite the illusion of rats and maggots, and upon defending itself knocks out Katrina. Abbie resumes the chant from the spell book, stopping the heart and destroying the Incordata in the process. Because of Katrina's heroic efforts, Ichabod decides that he should trust her once more.[24]

Not much is seen in the next episode. During that time, Ichabod has gotten ill with a cold, and when the Mills investigate the numerous suicides at Tarrytown, Abbie tells him to stay and rest. He offers to go, but he never got chance. He was shown briefly, especially when Hawley gave him Mothball soup tp help him recover faster. He was last seen when he finally visited the abandoned basement of the Psych Ward, as he saw Lori's spirit congratulate the Mills on what they've become and accomplished. He said to Abbie that she had a budding legacy.[25]

The next session started when he and Abbie were playing a game trying to guess who they are similar to. He was a little miffed when he was related to George Washington, as he always lied a lot. He wanted to find where the secret weapon, the Sword of Methuselah was. Lori revealed it was the perfect weapon to stop Moloch before she departed. Through a distorted image of the map they had, the image showed it was located at the end of a river that looked like a snake, particularly it's tongue. And it also had this riddle: Know thyself completely or perish when you attempt to see. Then through a mirror, Katrina warned him they must hurry on obtaining the sword, as the Horseman of Death could beat the Witnesses to it. He took up the challenge, while Jenny was escorting Frank away from Reyes. They find the exact spot, which was a similar tomb to where Abbie saw her mom at in her dream. Soon afterward, Death made an appearance, and Ichabod distracted it for awhile. Luckily, when the sun came up, he retreated and never found the sword. They too couldn't find it, except a glyph that had a secret message: As above, so below. They figured it was hidden in an underground lair. Before they went however, Ichabod recalled that this place was a sign for destiny too. He had a flashback on how he and his former friend, Abraham, have decided to make a new life in the colonies, as patriots. As they descended, they saw many stone statues. One of them was M. Dixon, Abbie's distant ancestor. Feeling a sense of dread, he came to the conclusion they were petrified. After hearing a roar they hurried out and he realized it was a Gorgon. The riddle made sense, as it actually meant people perished to get the sword, cause they saw into the eyes of its guardian. Abbie decided Headless should be first in order to distract the monster since he had no eyes. With Death taking the lead, Ichabod and Abbie snuck down with him. It was barely a match for him as he sliced its head off. To protect himself, Ichabod used his smartphone's reflective surface. Abbie wondered if he was taking a selfie with a Gorgon. With the Horseman distracted, they head into a chamber where a chalice stood in the center along with various swords. He wanted Abbie to choose carefully on which one is Methuselah, and there may be a trap if she's wrong. He then faces Abraham with a face, as a result of the cave being enchanted. Now communicative, Abraham took out a gun, but he stopped him. He challenges him to a duel, as it would be more honorable. Abraham accepted and it was a deadly combat, though he couldn't stop bashing him about the love triangle, and that he'll suffer as he'll have nothing just as Abraham did. Eventually, Ichabod retreats to the chamber and Abbie picked the wrong sword. They all turned to snakes, and even she saw Abraham's head. They told him there's no sword, and Abraham said they're liars. Ichabod confronted him again, then a cryptic sound of a noisy, low horn being blown. It shook the cave temporarily, and it was a sign that Moloch finally entered Earth. Abraham left, and the Witnesses were stumped. He said that he sees himself completely in Abbie. Then he tried again and realized there was oil, instead of water, inside the chalice. He dipped in his torch and nothing happened, then he decided to use them together. Sure enough, the oil lit up for a few seconds, and Abbie offered Crane to reach in and reveal the shining holy blade. With it in hand he declared, "Moloch shall not rise."[26]

The mid-season finale starts off where Ichabod and Abbi head to Frederich's Manor. Moloch has already risen and Sleepy Hollow faces a cataclysm. The apocalypse is upon the Witnesses, and they first get stalled as lightning struck the car. When they stopped at a nearby gas station, he was desperate. Abbie found and borrowed a motorcycle, and they wouldn't tracked since it's a machine instead of an electrical device. By the time they got there, he was ecstatic and wishes to have one when the war is over. As they got inside Abbie unveils a pentagram highlighting the locations Henry went to. Meanwhile, Ichabod saw the binding ritual and they saved her just moments before it was complete. Headless stopped by and Crane made no hesitation as he wielded the Sword of Methuselah. However, he did when Katrina said that whoever makes a kill, their soul will be damned forever. In other words, you kill a demon, you become one. So the gang imprisons Death at the chamber instead. It was quite a given who should use the sword; Frank is the only one since Henry has his soul. With Jenny's help, Ichabod was eventually able to find Irving. He accepted reluctantly, and they must hurry to find Moloch who's burning the four white trees. With every tree destroyed, the closer it is to merge Purgatory to the real world, and bring hell on earth. They also manage to enlist Hawley by the time there was some blood hail. Time was running out, and while Hawley keeps on eye on Abraham, the team face off an army of demons sent by Moloch. Abbie's injured, Jenny takes her away, and FRank faces War, resulting his demise. With the sword, he was able to dissipate the phantom, and injure Henry's left arm. He dies since Katrina couldn't heal him. And the team have a quarrel on who should wield the sword. Abbie volunteered first, then the rest would follow. Katrina gave them advice they should visit St, Henry Parrish's church, however, there was a conflict between her and Ichabod, and he said they would only be comrades in arms. Henry eventually meets and overpowers them, stealing the sword. He led them to Moloch and Ichabod and the team witnessed the Demon King as he summarized the Akeda. It was a story about Abraham and his son, Isaac. That he was ordered to kill him by a "cold and merciless god." Like Henry and Ichabod, their relationship was never resolved, always filled with hate and despair. Henry was about to kill Katrina when Ichabod heroically offered to sacrifice himself. Henry hesitated and wanted to kill him, but instead, he turned on his "father," Moloch! Putting an end to both of them.[27]

About five weeks have passed since Henry's demise, and Abbie first finds Ichabod in a small room in which he made in the Archives. He and Katrina decided a separation, while she resides in his cabin. While they went out shopping, they've noticed that some of the fruit were plighted. It was a sign that evil was still around. While locating a demon covenant, they come across Orion, a fallen angel from Purgatory. During the earthquake when Moloch was destroyed, he managed to escape along with other fiends. He was a prisoner for over two centuries and he was captured in battle as he fought Death back in colonial times. He's willing to help them out, but Ichabod was angered that Katrina released Death from his prison. Orion plans to stop him and usurp his power to help save humanity, since he met the biblical Witnesses. They were able to find Abraham and the refugees thanks to Jenny and Hawley who found an ancient demon locator. At the time, they suddenly realized that Orion was around during catastrophe. So his goal is to use the Horseman's power, and all four of them, to make the world as he sees fit. Their objective changed to stop Orion before he gets to Death. They found the hideout, fought off the fiends, and came across Abraham and Orion. Ichabod destroys his weapon with the broadax and hands it to Abraham, and obliterating him. Katrina then stops him before he had the chance to kill Ichabod, promising she would find a way to make him human again. He walks away and remains at large. Ichabod finally understood Katrina's desperate move, relocating Abraham. So, their troubled relationship eventually recovers.[28]

At the cabin Abbie dresses Ichabod up; he was familiar with all kinds of code, except for modern dress. Apparently, he and Katrina are heading to the Hudson Historical Society. While there Ichabod discovered there was some suspicious activity involving a certain painting. The witness said a monster came out of it, and they saw their first victim in a hangman's position. Some artifacts reminded Katrina of a similar fate. Her old friend, Abigail Adams, the wife of Samuel, was also involved in these murders in 1770. She came across that same monster the onlooker talked about. He was named James Colby, a painter who comes out of that particular painting and steals blood from his victims. His mission was to use their blood to complete a painting on an easel with an upside-down cross in it. If he accomplishes that, he'll be resurrected. Ichabod heard from Katrina that she managed to trap the demon, but her attempts have failed. So they must go inside the relocated easel and defeat James. They've rescued the witness, Miller, left the portal, and so did James. He completed his resurrection, but Abbie shot the monster with a silver bullet, which had no effect. Then she shot a second time to the painting, which killed James almost instantly. The society was saved, and their future has gotten brighter.[29]

Before Hawley sent him on a mission, Ichabod was with Abbie and Jenny as the former sang karaoke at a local bar. He eventually had his turn and sang "Locke Hospital" without any music. It was hilarious, then he was drafted on saving Hawley from his caretaker, Carmilla Pines. She has returned to Sleepy Hollow and needs him to perform another heist, to steal the statue of Kali from Henry Knox's former home. This was definitely a challenge as he and Carmilla had the place booby-trapped. One of them was when Hawley separated Ichabod and Abbie from him and Jenny by force. The former were trapped in a sealed vault which began to close in on them. There were four buttons and Ichabod chose the wrong one, causing the walls to close faster. He finally he activated the one that was similar to a tree, and the trap released the duo. While inside, he realized Abbie kept a souvenir from Orion instead of destroying it. That caused some tension between them. Fortunately they caught up to Jenny and Hawley, and Carmilla almost completed her goal: she was actually a Vetala, a monster from Hindu lore. The object was supposed to restore her humanity, but instead it was a trick as it was supposed to spawn more Vetala. Fortunately, the statue was destroyed in time and Hawley had a beating while Carmilla fled. After that, he decided to leave Sleepy Hollow for good and pursue Carmilla on his own. Ichabod decided to restore his faith in Abbie, and it closed with another karaoke number featuring "Proud Mary," with Abbie taking the lead, and Ichabod as the inexperienced backup.[30]

Soon after he and Abbie find out from Katrina that an old enemy escaped from Purgatory. He was known as the Warlock, and he was once responsible for starting the Salem witch trials. He murdered a woman was her friend, and believed to be his loved one. A covenant eventually banded together and banished the Warlock away for his actions. Ironically, even though he said he hated witches, he was one himself. His goal was to retrieve the Grand Grimoire and travel to the past to change history for his own being. They pursue him, but his powers were overmatched compared to Katrina's. She was wounded and she pondered on his words, about submitting to dark magic so he'd be more powerful. Hers though were used by the four elements. He first enlisted Franks help for this. Eventually they tracked him down at a distant forest. They electrocuted him, and Ichabod just kept punching him in his rage on trying to kill his wife. Abbie drew him back, and the Warlock retreated. While he was recovering, Frank twisted the Warlock's neck and met up with Henry.[31]

Ichabod and Abbie investigated underground after hearing that a few construction workers were captured. He saw in awe a building known as the Festella which belonged to one of the Freemasons, Thomas Jefferson. Suddenly they were ambushed by a group of Reavers, and made a hasty retreat to get more firepower. When they did, and somehow convinced the patrol above, they snick into the Festella and were met by a holographic image of Thomas himself. He said it has info of their roles as Witnesses, but of course, the welfare of the workers are more important. If they can make an explosive to destroy the Reavers' nest, they'll save them. However, it'll obliterate the Festella as well. Thomas was trying to convince Ichabod otherwise, yet he and Abbie managed to shut off the power supply, destroy the Reavers, and rescue the doomed workers in the process.[32]

The next day, the Witnesses were relaxing at a library inhabited by many cats, and sells books and tea. The place was going out of business due to lack of funding and the internet. They were trying to find some entries left from the Festella but couldn't. Abbie was discussing to him of the effects of travelling through time. It wasn't long before he got the call that some people were possessed and mindlessly hurt some innocents. They couldn't recall what happened, except hearing a low dong from a certain bell. After they saw what happened, he believed his son had somehow returned and wreaked havoc by ringing it. Later on, he found out from Jenny he can no longer trust Irving. He stole the Grand Grimoire from the vault and he set up Jenny after she unlocked it for getting an heirloom for him. Apparently, Katrina didn't reverse the taint from his soul; he used a rune to block the healing process. They find the town bell, and it wasn't actually a replica of the Liberty Bell. It was replaced with a similar, though older, mold to it. It was then that Washington wanted these bells to be destroyed, as their tone would turn people into witches unknowingly. So Ichabod was set on an assignment to destroy one that was transferred by Redcoats back in the 1770s. This particular one had a scratch on it. And a rune was used for its magic, causing people to become witches based on their distant heritage. Abbie decided to blow it up with C4, however, they used it all when they blew up the Festella; so they resorted to homemade explosives. Unfortunately, it was gone, and Frank intervened causing Jenny to distract him. Then Henry and Katrina show up. They want to create a family of their own, so they wouldn't be alone in this cruel world that rejects witchcraft. They wanted to be their leaders, and they thought humans are the lowest forms and must be destroyed. He sympathized but they attacked them anyway. Fortunately, thanks to a decoy, Abbie managed to survive their attacks. They were on the chase to the town hall where they found the bell, and his wife and son began a ritual. They noticed Abbie setting up the explosives, and they were tied to a pole. He was freed, thanks to a pocketknife Abbie had in her pocket. When the spell was near completion, Henry walked over and was shot by Abbie while he was off guard. Ichabod said it wasn't her fault of all that's happened, she said it was his. She was outraged that he was the one who gave her misery to her life. Desperate, she tossed the Witnesses aside and used the Grimoire to travel to the past so her sone would be born and never spare Ichabod's life again. Abbie struggled and went into the portal with her, leaving Ichabod alone, and vulnerable to the changes in time.[33]

Back to the Past[]

The Season Two finale takes place where the pilot episode does: Capt. Ichabod Crane loads his weapons and fought the British with his army. As he was looking through each fallen body for a marking of a bow on their wrist, an associate tells him they captured a woman. She actually knows about his assignment on looking for the Hessian with the same bow marking. Thinking it was a coincidence, he reluctantly meets her in a jail cell. It was actually in November 1781. His death was averted for the moment as he saw this informant, who introduced herself as Lt. Abbie Mills. They will eventually meet in the future, but he refuses to believe that, Just as he left, Abbie said that the Hessian is known as the Horseman of Death, and they will kill each other on the battlefield. Plus, he has a certain ally with him, making sure that his death in final. He later receives a letter and Abbie said that the message is that assignment, and he can't survive without her. She said if he lets her go, she'll explain everything. They went to the battlefield where many soldiers were decapitated and the wounds were cauterized instantly; that was the source of the Horseman's abilities. He was anxious on how she knows. She said she knows about what Washington told him, and that she's 200 years into the future. He demanded to know who she really is, as he never believed her warnings. Colonel Sutton questions him on why he abandoned his post. He never gave orders to stick with Abbie, and he's needed in the 12th Regiment. He can't leave until he's ordered to do so. He said Abbie is a British agent, but Sutton says she'll be sent into a slave camp. He offers to stay with her since she knows about the war. Sutton was convinced to keep an eye on her, though he won't be so compassionate next time if his associates find out. On a wagon, Abbie explains about how Crane and Katrina got married, but he wasn't convinced as the British surely know about it from their spies. Abbie told him their mission is important, and would soon write the books of history, from Washington, to Jefferson, to Franklin. He said the latter returned from France, and then they decided to meet him since he'll support Abbie's story. They go to his place in Sleepy Hollow, where all the action is, and Ben was astonished on Abbie's future. He took them in and she recognized the galvanizer they used to successfully resurrect the Kindred. He told Ichabod that he knows of the Grand Grimoire and the traveler's spell, and the only way to reverse it is to see Abbie's ancestor, Grace Dixon, in Frederich's Manor. He was soon assassinated by Death and the duo escaped an explosion. With the loss of his friend, he decided not to trust Abbie, as she had ruined everything, including his discharge. He even refused to believe that Katrina wants him dead, and is pregnant with their son. After that, he stops by his old home where his wife was waiting. He notices potions, sage, and other ingredients thinking it's used for her, though Katrina said it was for a neighbor. That's when he realized Abbie was telling the truth after all! He returned to her cell, only it was empty. He did find the "rectangular thing" and entered in his birthdate which took him to a moving picture of him and Abbie talking about selfies. Everything she said was true. They head through the tunnel to the Manor where Grace was. He was warned the Grimoire was there, and that his wife isn't the same one she knows, all consumed with hate and despair. He blames himself he never saw it coming, with her having the seeds of evil. Grace met them and instantly recognized her as her descendant. Just as she was creating the spell, Death and Katrina showed up. She disarmed the supernatural force field, and Ichabod offers to make a stand while Abbie returns to her own time. His last words were that no matter what happens, he'll be grateful to see her America. It would be a pleasure to make her acquaintance all over again. He steps out, confronts Death, and time stopped in its tracks.[1]

Abbie was sent back to the present moments before Katrina casted the spell, though it affected her as well. The present Ichabod was stunned of what happened, and he saw Katrina suffocate Abbie. Quickly, he grabbed a knife and stabbed his wife, cancelling the spell and killing her,much to his incredible grief and he held the dying katrina in his arms,he desperately tries to hold on to his dying estranged wife but quickly was heartbroken when katrina coldly ignored him for jeremy spirit who he could not see and finally breaks down when she closes her eyes after sadly smiling without visibly even regretting her actions.ichabod weeps as his wife body disintegrates and abbie tries to comfort ichabod,saying he had no choice but he sadly and bitterly scoffed at abbie for saying those words and coldly said that he did have a choice and he chose to kill katrina instead of incapacitating her.Hours later, he picked up the Grimoire and was still grieving over Katrina's death. Jenny offers her condolences and Frank was normal again. He heard from Abbie the crucial parts of the war are ahead of them, and they must stick together. She asks, "Are you ready, Captian?" Momentarily, he stands as says, "Ready, Leftenant."[1]

Taking care of the Hidden One[]

With the Hidden One close to becoming fully omnipotent and annihilating all of mankind, Abbie, Crane, Jenny, Sophie and Joe get ready for the trip to the Catacombs. Abbie and Crane will take Betsy's flag to the Delaware River where it should guide them to the Catacombs. Once there, they will restore Pandora's box and use it to drain the Hidden One's power. Both Witnesses need to be present in The Temple of the Gods in order to restore the Box. Everyone else is to stay behind and slow the Hidden One down by any means necessary. On a small boat in the middle of the river, Abbie holds the flag and begins to sing the national anthem, suddenly they are on the River Styx, gateway to the Underworld. They spot members of Washington's crew who have been frozen in death's rigor for over 200 years. Crane finds a note written by Betsy Ross. She states that soon after they discovered an insurgent on board, he set off an explosive that slaughtered the entire regiment. Crane notes that somehow, Betsy and Washington survived, made it to the Catacombs. Crane and Abbie continue to search the bodies but can't find anything to indicate how to enter the Catacombs. One of the men attacks Crane, and even after Mills slices him in half with a sword, he refuses to die. They pin him down, and Crane spots a dark magic charm hanging from the monster's neck. It gives the wearer the curse of eternal life. Abbie and Crane get what they need and arrive at a portal in the woods that appears to be the entrance to the Catacombs. Crane and Abbie make it to the temple. Following Pandora's instructions, the find their way to an inner chamber where Abbie spots a body covered with a sheet. It turns out to be Betsy Ross. Betsy appears to be dead. Crane figures the chamber is where the Eye of Providence was kept, and magical properties would have kept Betsy's remains intact. Abbie can't believe that Betsy was trapped alone in that room for centuries. Crane wants to give Betsy an impromptu funeral service, but the thing is, she's not dead. Abbie recalls how she and Washington entered the chamber together. They took the Eye and wrapped it in the flag. But Betsy became curious and lingered inside too long. The door shut with her on the wrong side. Whatever sequence Washington used to open the chamber didn't work, and he had to leave her, promising to come back. She tried everything she could to escape but eventually accepted her fate. Betsy wants to know how the war is going, and when Crane questions how long Betsy thinks she's been trapped, she says months.[34]

Still at the Catacombs, Ichabod has to get Pandora's Box reassembled and save the world. They are keeping the fact that they are from the future under wraps or risk throwing the time stream into utter chaos. But Betsy is curious. Crane performs the incantation as instructed, but the box doesn't have its silver hue. It seems Pandora left out some information about the Eternal Soul of a Witness. The box opens, and a cloud of black smoke starts to envelope Abbie. Betsy and Crane fight to shut the lid, but the box turns silver and Abbie collapses. Abbie awakens, but she's weak and senses something is wrong. Crane says the box took something very precious, Abbie's soul. He's also got to tell Betsy that they will not be returning together. Apparently, if Betsy enters the well, she'll return to her proper place in history none the wiser. She senses the strong bond between Crane and Abbie and acknowledges his heart belongs to her. This explains why the two never spoke again after she returned. Abbie and Crane return home. Jenny tells them about Joe. Crane swears the Hidden One will pay for his role in Joe's demise. Jenny's been looking for ways to modify their arsenal by researching myths where gods are killed like the Norse Ragnarok, "Twilight of the Gods," a battle in which all existence was destroyed and remade. Ezra is jumping right in. He finds a tome in the Archives called the Elder Edda. If there's a clue in the Ragnarok myth, they'll find it in there. They've got the box, but Pandora is missing. The Hidden One took off with her once his power was restored. Abbie and Crane head to FBI headquarters where Sophie and Reynolds alert them to a big storm building over the Hudson Valley, and Abbie figures out that the Hidden One is at the epicenter.[35]

Crane, Jenny and Abbie arrive to the Hidden One's hideout. Jenny and Abbie distract him with some Greek Fire while Crane gives Pandora her box. The box starts to do its thing but stops just short of getting rid of the Hidden One forever. In order to stop him, Abbie knows what it needs, but she's resisting. Abbie's soul is the binding agent to hold the darkness together. Abbie opens the box and tells Crane to never give up hope. She gets sucked into the box. The Hidden One is left behind, but he has no power. Jenny shoots him. Pandora is incensed, it was supposed to be her victory, not Jenny's. Crane tells Pandora that the threat is over, so wherever her container took Abbie, Pandora needs to return her, but Pandora is tired of being ordered around. She's ready to be worshiped. With the Hidden One gone, she has his powers. Pandora played them. Pandora has no plans to destroy the world, she likes it. After making this proclamation, she disappears. Jenny, Crane and Ezra plot to overthrow Pandora. Crane plans to use the Blavatsky Map, which locates monsters, to battle Pandora. Crane and Jenny give Pandora another chance to bring Abbie back, but this appears to be a non-negotiable for her, so Crane calls forth the Headless Horseman at the church. He offers the Horseman his head so he could kill pandora and the horsemen gladly agrees.The Horseman and Pandora then do battle, but he's really no match for a goddess. Realizing his former nemesis can't conquer her on his own, he rushes to the Horseman's aid and throws him his axe. The horseman easily lands a devastating blow to Pandora having closed their distance ironicaĺly due to being nearly reimprisoned and she drops to the ground but the horsemen continues hacking her until crane orders him to stop.somehow,crane was able to convince abraham not to kill him and after a while of pointing his axe at ichabod,leaves sleepy hollow.ichabod and jenny goes to pandora as she laments that even with the powers of goddess,death still prevailed over her.pandora realises that ichabod loves abbie romantically as abbie is his hope and everything. Crane demands Pandora let her out, but Pandora reveals in her last words that Abbie was never inside the box, she's dead and gone. Before Pandora dies, she prepares to make the box explode. They take it to the tunnles but get caught in the explosion. Crane wakes up in the waiting room between life and death, and it's his chance to say goodbye to Abbie. She explains the box took her soul, but now that the box is broken, she's free. Abbie also explains they are Eternal Souls. Abbie tells Crane that whatever the next stage is, she's ready. They will meet again, but in the meantime he's to bash monsters and look out for Jenny. Abbie goes in for a fist bump, but Crane kisses her hand and bows instead. Crane comes to, and is devastated that he has lost another woman that he had loved. Jenny is frantic. She wants to know about her sister, but ichabod gives jenny a sad and devastated look that makes it clear without saying a word Abbie isn't coming back this time.[35]however,ichabod comforts jenny as they mourn that while abbie may be dead due to the box but she will always be their's


Not long after Abbie's death, Crane pays a visit to Abbie's grave. He fills her in on what's been going on in her absence. He's in charge of the Archives and pursuing his citizenship. Things have been quiet on the monster front, but he doesn't expect that to last. On cue, Ezra shows up. Abbie's death has set wheels in motion, and Crane needs all the information Ezra can give him. There must always be two witnesses. When one dies, their soul doesn't move on, it's eternal. The essence passes on to someone from their extended bloodline, turning them into the next Witness. Crane has to find her before "they" do. Ezra gives him a letter from George Washington dated 1789. A flashback shows Washington and Betsy discussing Crane's future. They know that hundreds of years in the future, Crane will be carrying on what they have built. It would be Crane's duty to head a secret organization founded by Washington to battle the supernatural. Ezra says not all of the men in the organization are bad, but some have lost their way. It seems FBI guy Jack Waters is one of those men because he shows up, and Ezra takes off. Crane is off to Washington D.C.[35]

Ichabod is locked up for about 2 weeks and forced to describe his personal history and how he wound up partnering with Abbie. Finally, Ichabod decides it’s time to escape and knocks out his interrogator. Once out, Ichabod runs down corridors until he discovers a room with photos of he and Abbie along with lots of research material. Still unsure who exactly he’s running from, Ichabod makes his escape and comes out on a foggy runway at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The fog clears and he sees the iconic buildings of the nation’s Capital in the distance. Ichabod makes it into the city and wanders around the Capital before heading over to the Lincoln Memorial. Ichabod races up and sees Lincoln’s head from the statue has been removed. He runs into Agent Diana Thomas from the FBI. Ichabod helps her fight a demon off and, confused, Diana turns her gun on him after the demon flees. Ichabod does his best to calm her down. Diana doesn’t put her gun away, but she does let him escape to pursue the demon. Ichabod returns to the place where he had been held captive as the demon's trail went cold. He enters the room with all of the drawings and finds Diana there and accidentally startles her. She’s adamant demons don’t exist. She won’t say “demon” but seems to be following Ichabod’s explanation that he and the demon; which was released after Lincoln’s statue’s head was chopped off. Later, Ichabod leaves a voice mail while calling Jenny telling her he hasn’t found the new witness yet. He’s in the passenger seat of Diana’s police car but handcuffed to the front seat. She brings up that there is a kind of archive for the supernatural. He wants to check out the Vault immediately. The man working behind the desk, Jake, knows all about Ichabod’s Sleepy Hollow work. Jake’s job is to catalogue all the happenings that occur on the fringes. Diana seems to believe both men are nuts and wants to leave, but Ichabod is fascinated by this place. Just then a small boom is heard and it turns out the Vault’s front room is just that; a front to hide the grandeur of the actual facility. Jake and the woman who set off the explosion, Alex, show Ichabod around the place. Ichabod finds books with Washington’s seal. Ichabod determines there’s a text written beneath the text in Benjamin Franklin’s code.[36]

Ichabod determines the demon was raised back in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth who used it to kill President Lincoln. Booth summoned the demon into his own body, however, Mary Todd Lincoln – who apparently was aware of demons and tried to keep her husband safe – ultimately sealed the demon in an underground chamber following her husband’s murder. That chamber is under the Lincoln Memorial, and the demon was released when Lincoln’s head was chopped off his statue. Jake convinces Alex to show them the tunnels. Diana and Ichabod head into the tunnels where the two learn a lot about each other. Ichabod and Diana discover where the demon was staying. Ichabod becomes convinced the flag is a trigger for the demon because it was initially summoned to destroy the Union. Ichabod, Diana, Jake, and Alex try to figure out how to combat the demon and keep the death toll at the concert to a minimum. Diana wonders why the walls of the demon’s cell were made of copper and Jake says copper must be the demon’s Kryptonite. They need to make weapons out of copper and Alex volunteers to throw something together. The next day Diana and Ichabod walk through the crowd, and Ichabod’s insulted for wearing clothing that’s out of style by men dressed in "Hamilton” attire." He then spots the demon. Ichabod unfolds a large American flag and belts out “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” grabbing the demon’s attention. Diana calls and lets Jake and Alex know they’re on their way. Alex made “magical” bullets out of copper. The newly formed foursome wait for the demon, but he’s so fast he gets the jump on Jake and starts to strangle him. Just then Jenny shows up, throws down a taunt, and then shoots the demon. Ichabod introduces her to the others. They hug, obviously glad to be together again. With the Demon taken care of, Jenny and Ichabod at last have time to discuss their findings. Jenny admits she’s no closer to finding the next witness than Ichabod. Jenny tells him he’s not alone, reminding him the entire country is there because of him. Now it’s Ichabod and Diana’s turn to have a quiet chat, and he says he’s going to stay in DC for a while to find out who abducted him and why. She’s determined to find the people behind Eric’s death and Ichabod warns her if she starts down this path, there’s no looking back.[36]

Washington DC[]

As a storm gathers outside, Ichabod calls to Abbie. He sees someone running through the shadows but they don't respond to his calls. A young girl appears. Ichabod wakes up from his nightmare. Jenny is in a trance and stroking a singing bowl. Jenny says she thought it might work to find the new Witness. Ichabod explains about seeing the girl and that she seemed familiar, He leaves Jenny's trailer and thanks her relocating to DC for him. They're in a junkyard. She offers to do some research while Ichabod goes to the vault to check the files. Ichabod comes in through the hidden door to the tunnels and explains that he doesn't have a clearance badge to access the agency normally. Ichabod explains that he needs a book on dream interpretation. Once Jake gets the book. Alex brings Ichabod his badge, and Ichabod explains that he hopes to find a part of his past. Ichabod gets a call from Diana. Diana gives Ichabod a location, and he meets her at a field. She admits that she called him against her better judgment, and points out that the victim was stabbed in the back and her tongue was cut out. She figures that it was a Wiccan ritual killing, and shows Ichabod her camera view of the body... which reveals a different, older face. Ichabod explains that it's a glamour. Ichabod examines the body and finds a snake brand on its wrist. He tells Diana that he believes the woman visited Sleepy Hollow a long time ago. Ichabod explains that the coven used their power to sniff out liars. He believes that the dead woman is Moll. Ichabod realizes that Moll was killed by the other two coven members. She puts out an APB on women with the unique brand. Diana drives Ichabod into DC and he talks of the promise that the buildings hold. A hit on her APB comes in, and as Ichabod sees her phone, he realizes that the wallpaper is a photo of Molly: the girl he saw in his vision.[15]

Once they get to the bar, Ichabod calls Jenny and tells her about Molly. Diana interrupts him, and Jenny gives him a cover story over the phone without much luck. He quickly hangs up, and Diana brings up the security footage showing Malligo and Marg leaving the scene after killing everyone in the bar. Ichabod figures that the sisters will need to regain their energy. Ichabod calls Jake and he checks the immigration records and gives Ichabod and Diana the names of the two sisters, they owned a property. Moll's body was found near the land, and Diana says that she needs to stop before they go there. At the elementary school, Diana and Ichabod pull up and Diana goes to get Molly. She runs over to check on Molly, and then asks Jenny why she's there. Ichabod comes over and Molly recognizes him. She speaks, saying, "Hello," and Diana stares at her daughter in surprise. Molly continues speaking, telling Diana what happened. Clara arrives to pick up Molly. Jenny tells Ichabod that she needed to see Molly. Ichabod warns her that Molly isn't Abbie, and Jenny agrees. She says that they have to help Diana and Molly get through it. Diana comes over and demands an explanation, and Jenny says that they were concerned for Molly's safety.[15]

Ichabod and Diana return to the wetlands with Jenny, and Ichabod uses a camera to penetrate the glamour and see the Dyer Manor. They enter the house. Diana finds a dagger and Jenny warns that a single cut is instantly fatal. Ichabod figures that the sisters have some kind of machine maintaining the glamour, and notice a clock with mystic symbols. Diana reaches forward to touch it, and the clock glows as it speeds up. The hands stop after a moment, and Malligo magically pulls Diana out of the room. She then comes in and Jenny goes to help Diana. Malligo recognizes Ichabod from when he was with Washington. Malligo says that she and her sisters were trapped there to guard their captor's treasure. Ichabod has no idea what she's talking about and shoots her, but Malligo easily dodges the bolt. She says that he's lying by omission, including about Molly, and casts the curse. However, she realizes that Ichabod's bolt hit the grandfather clock, just as he intended. The glamour fades and the two sisters take on their true appearance. Jenny kicks Marg back and Diana shoots her dead. Ichabod throws the Dagger at Malligo, it creates a cut across her cheak. The clock spins out of control, and Ichabod runs out as a blast of magical energy from it destroys Malligo and ends the glamour. Diana says that she needs a moment and leaves Ichabod and Jenny. Jenny tells him that Diana can handle things, and Ichabod says that they'll tell her the truth about Molly that night. Later at the vault, Alex shows the others two documents that she found in the clock. They realize that there were similar symbols on the Booth vault, and Ichabod figures the Booth demon was standing guard over a talisman as well. He realizes that someone is unleashing evil to recover mystical artifacts. Diana says that they can talk about it the next day after she spends a night with Molly. Ichabod and Jenny sit outside in Jenny's truck, and Jenny realizes that they're not going to tell Diana what's going on. They watch mother and daughter through the window, and Ichabod says that they deserve one night's peace.[15]


Crane is very much a duty-driven and selfless man, except initially when it comes to his wife. Deeply loyal to his friends, Crane has a strong sense of honor and values it about as much as he values the victory of good. Crane has repeatedly displayed his great selflessness and devotion to the greater good: he was willing to let Abraham and Katrina marry despite his own love for Katrina, even showing clear discomfort and repulsion towards the idea of Katrina betraying Ichabod’s best friend. When Abraham lashed out at Ichabod due to this, Ichabod was unwilling to harm and engage him fully and held back, definitely allowing himself to be overpowered by Abraham, especially proven by how he could overpower Abraham as Death, albeit he was not at full strength but was still clearly more powerful than him, and later trounced him soundly when he had the Sword of Metsuselah, strongly showing that he could have defeated and killed Abraham anytime he wanted in their first duel, especially given the fact that he was aware of Abraham's technique, which he himself stated. Although he was outraged by Abraham's remorseless deal with Moloch, Ichabod seems to have regret for how his transgression led to his friend's downfall and he even said he wanted Abraham to be redeemed and was willing to allow Katrina to find the spell to remove his Horsemen powers. However, any sort has completely vanished over time. He would willingly sacrifice himself without hesitation for the greater good, evidenced when he calmly agreed to kill himself so as to kill death and was only stopped by his son masquerading as henry parrish and Ichabod was so selfless and devoted to the greater good that he even sacrificed himself to eternal torment at the hands of the devil himself in exchange for a way to defeat malcolm. He was a strong-willed man with the mental strength to eventually recover from deep suffering and depression even if not instantly. Despite his outstanding skills, Ichabod was known for not being arrogant and could acknowledge and show great respect to those who deserved it.

Ichabod was and still is to a remarkable extent, despite all his other family members has done to him, a good family man. Although Katrina's secrets made him began to question her and steadily lose his love for her, with his initial willingness to forsake the greater good to an extent vanishing over time, Ichabod still deeply cared for her and was devastated by the fact he killed his wife and the fact she may not truly love him despite their marriage. He also loved his son despite having never knew him and despite his becoming War, he never truly lost all faith in him. He repeatedly tried to make Henry see reason, was hopeful when Henry killed Moloch and showed concern for his well-being, and although he let Abbie kill Jeremy, he showed genuine remorse and sadness and apologized. The deaths of his family hit ichabod the hardest he had ever been in his life, showing how very forgiving and a loving family man he could be. The impact of both Katrina and Jeremy’s deaths were as much as impacting as the lost of abbie when it comes to the immense sadness and blow to crane life, even becoming depressed for months before regaining back his motivation. Even then, the death of his family and his part in it never stopped haunting Ichabod and it's evident he still deeply cared for his wife and son, showing such remorse and self hatred for his part in killing his wife and son that the illusion of Jeremy quickly convinced ichabod to nearly hang himself, which would have been absolutely death for Ichabod had he not been saved. Despite having the means to potentially kill Henry, having the Philosopher Stone and a weapon capable of harming a Horsemen, Ichabod did not resort to such means and reasoned with Jeremy instead and showed a level of sadness when Jeremy agreed to a truce but made it clear he would never forgive Ichabod.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Precognitive dreams: When Ichabod is asleep, he can sometimes have dreams based on the future. These dreams only occur when something bad of significance is about to occur, presumably to give Ichabod the chance to change the outcome. With the knowledge he gains from his prophetic dreams, Ichabod can sometimes prevent it from coming to pass.[19]
  • Spell casting: Despite not being a witch, Ichabod has surprisingly been known to cast the odd spell here and there to help the world and his friends. Ichabod has performed a spell created by the sisterhood of the radiant heart that animated the kindred, although it took him another try before succeeding and also performed a spell that transported both himself and the other Witness at the time, Lara to Hell and back.[37]

Former Powers[]

  • Mystical connection: After Death and Ichabod Crane fought on the battlefield in the early 1780s, the two wounded each other with Ichabod cutting off Death's dead and Death cutting Ichabod badly. The two bleed onto the Philosopher's Stone which linked the two lives together; if one of them died, they both would. Ichabod awoke in the 21st century as Death was awoken.[4] This mystical connection was severed by Henry Parrish, a Sin Eater.[38]
  • Horseman physiology: As a former horseman of the apocalypse, Ichabod possessed many powers and enhanced traits. When the mantle of War was separated from Ichabod, he lost all of the powers that came with being War.
    • Immortality: Ichabod was formerly immortal. There were very few ways to kill him, one being Delilah's Dagger.
    • Sword of fire: as the horsemen of war, Ichabod could ignite his sword to possibly cauterize wounds and destroy obstacles.


  • Eidetic memory: Ichabod has an eidetic memory which allows him to easily remember things he sees and hears, even tastes and smells, with perfect accuracy.
  • Occult knowledge: Ichabod is highly knowledgeable in regards to the occult.
  • Multilingual: Ichabod is fluent in a number languages which include English (Modern and Middle), German, Greek, Latin, Sumerian, Cuneiform and Franklin's Alphabet.
  • Observant: Ichabod is very observant and is skilled at reading people's expressions.
  • Master combatant: Ichabod is in excellent physical condition and is also very experienced and highly skillful in swordsmanship, marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat, having been trained as a continental army soldier and being considered the most elite of all of General Washington army in the war with the hessians. Ichabod's skills made him more than able to handle numerous enemies by himself with ease and has proven to be skilled enough in battle that he has even been able to go up against Abraham as Death and even go so far as to best him twice while he did not have his head, with Ichabod himself saying he had not been trying to kill him when they fought over Katrina.
  • Flutist: Ichabod showed that he is able to play a Flute with the Pied Piper's bone Flute.[21]

Former Weaknesses[]

  • Delilah's Dagger: While the Horseman of War, Ichabod could be cut or possibly killed with the dagger.
  • Obedience: While War, Ichabod did everything that Malcolm told him to do without hesitation.


Jeremy Crane[]

Katrina placed Jeremy in the care of Grace Dixon and her husband, Jacob leaving him with a makeshift doll that would serve as his protector in the absence of his parents. Jeremy's cry initiated a fire, which killed both Grace and her husband, and he was soon after placed in an orphanage.

Katrina Crane[]

Ichabod and Katrina visit Frederick's Manor arm in arm.

Ichabod first met Katrina when she was a Quaker friend of a man named Arthur Bernard. Katrina was bitter and cold to Ichabod, despite his attempt to be charming. Katrina, however, could look at him and tell of the good man for whom he truly is. When he implied seeing something evil in one of the Hessians, she warned him of the dangers he was in. When Ichabod was sent with Arthur Bernard out into the woods to be shot, but when Ichabod set him free, his commanding officer shot Arthur and revealed himself to be a demon. Ichabod fought him, but ended up wounded. Katrina saw him outside her window and helped him inside to treat him. Since then, he made a pledge to fight against evil.[6] He and Katrina became well acquainted since then. Much to Ichabod's concern, Katrina was betrothed to Ichabod's best friend, Abraham Van Brunt. While shopping for a necklace for Katrina, Abraham asked for Ichabod's advice and he ended up choosing a necklace the perfectly suited her. At a party, she confessed her love for Ichabod, and told him she was going to break off the engagement. Ichabod wasn't fond of the idea. Not long after, she did. While on a mission through enemy territory, Ichabod confessed, saying he knew, and that he and Katrina would like his blessing. Abraham acted out in anger, and soon died from the Redcoats, resulting in becoming the Horseman of Death.[9] When proposing to Katrina, Ichabod hadn't mentioned his former fiance named Mary Wells. It was until Mary Wells showed up to continue their relationship, that Ichabod told Mary the truth.[22]

Though Katrina and Ichabod were married not long after Ichabod became a Patriot and fought for General Washington, Ichabod had no idea Katrina was a witch. Only after his death and resurrection did he find out she cast a spell on him. When with Abbie Mills Ichabod found Katrina's gravestone, she had been burnt for witchcraft.[4] Since then, Katrina has only been able to contact Ichabod through dreams and visions, finding out that she was trapped in Purgatory. Ichabod has displayed signs of anguish in regards to the whereabouts of his wife. During Corbin's funeral, Ichabod, too, mourned his wife's absence.[10] The thought of even celebrating Thanksgiving without her bothered him as well.[13] It was also revealed that Katrina left for a short time to give birth to their only son Jeremy Crane. However, a danger in the house she birthed in forced her to leave. She didn't tell Ichabod about their baby, which began to fracture their relationship as husband and wife.[13] With the help of a man named Henry Parrish, he helped Ichabod enter Purgatory. Regardless of her warnings to not do so, Ichabod came to her rescue. In order for Katrina to leave Purgatory, a soul would need to take her place. Abbie sacrificed her soul to stay behind, and Ichabod was grateful, promising to return and save her. Being united with Katrina, it didn't take much time before Katrina was held captive, by Henry, again.[39] Once Katrina had a taste of dark magic, she became more and more distant from Ichabod and was drawn to her son. Katrina eventually abandoned Ichabod and his team in order to help their son, Henry, bring a rise to the witches. This didn't go down well for Ichabod and drove the two even further apart.[33] Upon Henry's accidental death by hands of Ichabod, Katrina's love for Ichabod was transformed into a murderous hate. Katrina's love and compassion was eradicated in an instant. The only thing she cared for was avenging the death of her son, by killing Ichabod and Abbie. Even on her death bed, Katrina couldn't stand the sight of Ichabod However, Ichabod was devastated that after so long trying to get Katrina out of purgatory, she still died and even more tragically and a more intensely bitter blow to Ichabod, he himself was the one who killed his wife, further augmenting his already great anguish and sadness and was even more heartbroken by the fact his wife may genuinely have lacked any romantic feelings in their marriage, taking him months before he returned to his original personality.[1]

Abbie Mills[]

After victoriously capturing Abraham, Abbie teaches Ichabod the fist bump as a result of their teamwork.

Being the second witness, Ichabod's partnership with Abbie has transformed into loyalty since they first met. When Ichabod first met Abbie, it took her a while to warm up to him. Confused by the era he was in, he assumed Abbie was an emancipated slave, but he assured to her that he wasn't a racist and was apart of the abolitionist movement. Crane never understood how Abbie could be such a skeptic, but eventually learned the truths of her past as a teenager. This made Ichabod sympathetic to Abbie, which made her the same in return. After being ordered to be taken to a mental institution, Crane was removed by Abbie and have been working together ever since.[4] He excessively calls her "lieutenant" and rarely by her first or surname. It didn't take long for Crane to gain Abbie's trust and vise-versa. Ichabod realized that he could tell Abbie things that were bothering him if he sought comfort. They both, for instance, share a sarcastic wit they commonly use to lighten the mood in their everyday life or in the most inappropriate moments. Crane first put his very own life on the line for Abbie confronting Ro'kenhronteys. Ichabod drank the a substance that would send him to Ro'kenhronteys' world so that Abbie wouldn't have to face him alone.[17]

When Ichabod first entered Purgatory with Abbie to save Katrina, Katrina couldn't leave without a soul taking her place. Abbie insisted, but Ichabod strongly opposed. Abbie convinced Ichabod to trust her, and before separating, promised that he would return for her.[39] Doing everything in his power and knowledge, he obtained a key that could loophole two souls out of Purgatory at once. Ichabod kept his promise and freed Abbie from Purgatory.[7] Later, he displayed signs of being protective. When Ichabod learned that Nicholas Hawley had feelings for her, he indirectly discussed with Abbie that it wouldn't be wise to get into a relationship with such a man who only cared about profit.[24] Another time was when he lured away Abraham, getting shot at, to prevent him from discovering where Abbie was hidden.[26] Again, Abbie had gotten shot in the shoulder, terrified and angered, Crane vengefully killed the demon. Crane has ultimately come to an understanding that Abbie's life and well-being matters to him and that he can't fulfil this path without her.[27] When Abbie sacrificed herself by entering the Tree of Fear with the Eye of Providence, Ichabod wouldn't give up hope that Abbie was still out there.[40] After getting her back, Abbie then sacrificed herself again, this time for good. Ichabod was devastated by the loss. Not long after her death, Ichabod had a vision where he got the chance to say goodbye to her and see her move on.[35] It is strongly hinted at throughout part of the second (much to Katrina’s jealousy) and the third season that Ichabod might have held feelings of love for her, with Betsy stating that his heart belongs to Abbie and pandora later confirming this by saying that ichabod does indeed romantically love Abbie, even going so far as to say she is crane one hope and everything. Indeed, ichabod even said that he was prepared to die alongside her and was at first in gloom on what is there for him in a world without Abbie.

Joe Corbin[]

Joseph Corbin as shown in Season 3.

The son of the late sheriff August Corbin. Ichabod first met him when he was inflicted by the curse of the Wendigo, due to the grievance of his father's death. After unveiling a chest filled with poison for Jeremy, he later had a heart-to-heart with Abbie, assuring him she wasn't responsible for August's demise. As gratitude for reversing the transformation when Ichabod used a Shawnee spell, he later decided to aid the team and continue his father's work. Several months later, he became a valuable ally as he met and teamed up with his best friend, Jenny. They were on a quest to search for a sacred relic his father collected known as the Shard of Anubis. He was able to help the team indirectly as he collected some useful items during that time, as well as slaying a few monsters here and there. Later on, he became his enemy as he transformed into the Wendigo again when Pandora tried to repair her Box by draining a monster's vitality. It wore off for a time, until his final metamorphosis done by the Hidden One. He was then shot by Jenny to protect her estranged father, Ezra, and died soon after.

Zoe Corinth[]

While not intentionally a fighter in the supernatural war, she still counts as a close friend to Ichabod. They first met after his speech of what America stood for, and caught him outside. She found out that he was determined to save the Archives from being demolished and being remade into an upcoming strip mall, and in order to do it, he must become an American citizen to sign the paperwork. They commiserate about all the hassles of red tape. She's been having issues with a similar situation. Later on, she tracks him down at the archive to offer her help with getting him through the process of the citizenship. Turns out her brother-in-law was on "the congressional subcommittee for immigration.” He passed with flying colors, but was unable to make it to an interview because of the search for his best friend, Abbie. The last time she saw him was after their encounter with the Kindred. Due to fear, she fainted and was rescued by him and his teammates, but she decided to break things off. However, before leaving, she wished him the best of luck for his future.

Sophia Foster[]

Sophia "Sophie" Foster

Rumored to be Abbie's temporary replacement, she first teamed up with Ichabod after he made a failed attempt to guide her soul back from Pandora's tree. When they encountered a demon feeding on desperation, she revealed that she wants to fight against evil after her parents were killed by paranormal forces. She's known to be an artifact collector, much like Jenny and Joe, and she proved her resolve when she betrayed Nevins and revealed she went incognito as an FBI agent working for Reynolds. Even though she has a tricky personality as she constantly switches sides, she is one of Ichabod's closest companions.

Diana Thomas[]

Diana Thomas, Ichabod's new partner.

A single mom who was once a military officer, and the head of Homeland Security. After his escape in Washington, Ichabod eventually caught up with Diana at the Lincoln Memorial. She's rumored to be the new Witness and Abbie's replacement after her sudden, unexpected death. Unfortunately, she's a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal, always denying Ichabod's own experiences. Until her partner, Eric, died after John Wilkes Booth killed him. Since then, she's determined to find the people responsible for the incident and also protect her daughter, Molly, from harm.

Molly Thomas[]

Molly Thomas, the new Witness.

The true Witness and Ichabod's anchor. She's the daughter of Diana Thomas and her divorced father, Mitch Talbot. She's strong, adventurous, dedicated, and independent, as well as a great young chef. She first saw Ichabod Crane after her first faint spell while she was in school. After her death, Abbie's soul automatically merged with hers, causing transient aphasia. Since then she idolizes him, and creates various drawings of him in her personal sketchbook. At first she wasn't able to talk, but when she encountered him, she was cured instantly. Her role as the New Witness came to a head as she saved Ichabod's life from the spider demon's curse, saying he's a kind, sad man but he's still a beacon of hope, and he must never give up on it. They became best friends since then and she developed into a young heroine as she learned more about her destiny, as well as dealing with visions from her fainting episodes. Her fate was official when she turned 11, and by the time Dreyfuss was defeated, she was free to make a choice whether or not she still wants to be the Biblical Witness.

Alex Norwood[]

Alex Norwood, the engineer and worker at The Vault.

A gifted engineer who works at The Vault for Homeland Security. She was first introduced to the supernatural thanks to Ichabod and Diana. She and her partner, Jake, have vowed to protect Washington, and soon Sleepy Hollow, from Dreyfuss and the Horsemen after she made her first encounter with the demon, John Wilkes Booth. Messing around with various gadgets, artifacts, and chemicals, she's very skilled in creating weapons that aided him and his friends against all odds. By the time Ichabod was proposed to be the head of Agency 355, she was one of its honorary members.

Jake Wells[]

Jake Wells, archivist at The Vault and one of Ichabod's idols.

Much like Molly, Ichabod is truly a favorite to him. He called him "Captain Brownbeard" when they first met at the Vault. He has a close relationship with Alex and he, too, works for Homeland Security alongside her. He's a very gifted archivist and he always keeps a keen eye on Ichabod's career both as a warrior of the supernatural and as a Witness. He never hesitates as he scrambles for clues on numerous evil cases. He has tons of information at his disposal and he shortly became a valuable member of Team Witness and Agency 355.

Lara Thomas[]

Lara Thomas, the future version of Molly and the second Witness.

The futuristic version of the Witness, Molly Thomas. About five years later, she was once taken in by Dreyfuss after her mom became the Horseman of War, and being isolated in St. Agatha's Orphanage. Since then she became very skilled in the supernatural, and once had a grudge against Ichabod. Malcolm told her that he and Jenny were responsible for killing her mom, and that the Witnesses are nothing but fairy tales; however, she did eventually get the truth from Crane as a POW, who was rumored to be dead. He convinced her to travel to the past and reverse the damage he's done. She then headed into the Vault and stole a document containing the location of the Turricula Ignis. She made some attempts to stall both Ichabod and Diana, unfortunately she wasn't able to stop Crane from becoming War. But she never gave up as she used a binding ritual to save him from War's consumption. She confronted it and reminded Crane for who he is, and to never forget they are still the two Witnesses. After their lethal trek to Hell and back to retrieve the Philosopher's Stone and defeated Dreyfuss, she decided to travel the world and not return to her own time. They finally became allies and had a strong bond between them throughout their ordeals. And she hopes that she'll see Ichabod again when the time comes. Since then, she retrieved the mantle of the Witness, instead of her past vessel, Molly; whom she doesn't want to meet as she wants to find her place in the world as the world she came from no longer exists.



  • The name "Ichabod" means "no glory" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Ichabod is the grandson of Eli and the son of Phinehas.[41]
  • The director wasn't too fond on the American actors being auditioned as Ichabod, and that was when he came across Tom Mison, who actually pulled it off without wearing a beard, mustache, nor his signature wig.

Character Notes[]

  • Ichabod stated that he watches Glee.[20]
  • Ichabod was married to Katrina for six years before the end of the Revolutionary War.[42]
  • Is a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series. "The City on the Edge of Forever" taught him about not disturbing the future by altering the past.
  • Ichabod once said in Season 1, particularly The Golem, that his favorite alcoholic beverage is rum, but he dislikes egg nog.
  • On the Season 2 finale, it was revealed that Ichabod Crane was supposed to die around November 1781, but thankfully it was averted by Abbie. So if you do the math, from the time he was actually killed, he was dead/asleep for 231 years and 9 months, not 250 years.
  • He has been nicknamed by Jake Wells as "Captain Brownbeard," it was obvious since he's a big fan of him. It can refer to his rank during the Revolution and his signature appearance.
  • He was also nicknamed "Mr. Downton Abbey" by his new partner, Diana, on one occasion. Even though it was used as a mockery, he didn't seem to mind and he actually liked the place.[36]
  • Ichabod is a serious Harry Potter fan and sees himself in the house Ravenclaw.[16]
  • If archives footages of certain characters do not count, Ichabod is one of the only four characters who made appearances in the entire series alongside Abraham Van BruntGrace Dixon and Jenny Mills.
  • Upon being asked by Jake if "there was ANY part of the [Revolutionary] War [he] wasn't part of", Ichabod revealed that he can't handle being on the water, so he was not participation in boat fights.


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