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"I guess those social workers were right. I really am a bad influence."
—Jenny Mills to Abbie Mills[src]

Jennifer "Jenny" Mills is a main character in Sleepy Hollow and the sister of Abbie Mills. She is an ally of Abbie Mills, Ichabod Crane and Frank Irving against the Horseman of Death and Moloch. In season three, she gains new allies, Daniel Reynolds and Sophia Foster in the fight against Pandora and the Hidden One.

Jenny lives in a trailer outside of town. Her boyfriend, Joseph Corbin, was the son of her mentor, August Corbin. She retains the trailer during her travel from Sleepy Hollow to Washington DC, in Season 4, where she makes new allies; Diana Thomas, her daughter Molly and Agency 355 operatives, Alex Norwood and Jake Wells.


Early life[]

When Jenny and Abbie were in high school, they saw four white trees and a figure they couldn't make out.[2] They saw this figure raise a man from the ground[3] but soon forgot much of the detail since Moloch removed their memory.[4] Neither one of them remembered what happened next, they blacked out and ended up far from where they started near a road. They felt they had been unconscious for a few minutes when in actuality it had been four days. They were then found by local farmer Garrett Gillespie during a search for them.[3]

Abbie and Jenny never really recovered from the experience. Abbie knew there would be consequences for telling the truth, and begged Jenny to keep her mouth shut about what happened. Jenny didn't listen and admitted to seeing a demon. Abbie, frightened of the consequences of such an admission, lied and said she saw nothing. Jenny was then incarcerated in an asylum because of her insistence the vision was real.[3] By the time she was 17, she had been almost a dozen foster homes, and finally she was then arrested by Sheriff August Corbin for shoplifting. Instead of booking her, Corbin let her go and gave her access to his cabin at Trout lake. During this time, Jenny had been possessed by the demon, Ancitif, who made her try and kill her sister. Jenny tried to keep distance between then so she would never act on the demonic promptings. She was finally freed from Ancitif by Corbin. Before the demon left her, it told Corbin that the Horseman of Death would kill him, and he would kill Jenny's sister.[5]

After that, Jenny helped Corbin collect occult items from the around the world. During that time, she traveled to place such as Somalia and Mexico, taking down drug dealers and smugglers in pursuit of artifacts.[6]


While incarcerated in a mental institution, Jenny spends her time working out out and only pretends to take her medication. [7]

When Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane attempt to visit Jenny, she doesn't want to see her sister. Crane asks if she would see him alone and she agrees. After some small talk, he tells her he has seen the demon she saw. She sarcastically warns him to follow her sister's lead and not say things like that. Jenny tells him that it is the reason why she is institutionalized and Abbie isn't. Crane then sorrowfully informs Jenny of Vega's death. He tells her that he doesn't think she is crazy, and neither does Abbie. Still having a grudge against her sister, Jenny tells him that it's too late to fight the Horseman's army. That night, Jenny escapes the institution.[3]

Jenny goes to a bar and asks the bartender for the things that he was holding for her. She then goes to August Corbin's Cabin up out at Trout Lake. When Abbie and Crane show up, Jenny hides. Finally, Jenny emerges from hiding and points a gun at Abbie, Abbie points one right back at her and Crane stuck in the middle. After some bickering, Crane calls a truce, Jenny tells them that the night before Corbin died, he visited her and explained to her that he felt Death coming for him, she had to come to the cabin and get something out of the safe. They all work together to get a sextant out of the wall. Before they can study it, a laser pointer appears on the map and someone begins shooting at them. In the fire fight, the attacking Hessians steal the sextant from them, but not before Jenny stops one man from leaving with the rest. When he doesn’t answer Abbie’s questions, Jenny wants to torture the answers from him and they argue about methods. Later, a lead comes up and Jenny wants to follow it on her own. The Hessians are hunting down The Lesser Key of Solomon.

Crane asks Jenny where she learned to fight. She explains that she was a traveling freedom fighter of sorts and Crane is impressed. When the track the Hessians, they begin the process of summoning Moloch. When Abbie makes herself known, the men try to kill her, and Jenny jumps to her defense. Crane saves Jenny from being thrown to the demons and then is attacked by a Hessian. Abbie closes the book and throws the book into the demon pit, destroying it. The pit closes and the men flee.

Back in custody, Jenny is sitting in interrogation with handcuffs on. Abbie enters and uncuffs her. Abbie explains to her about being a Witness, and that she’s trying to make amends. Trying to undo past mistakes, Abbie tells her that they lost everything that day in the forest. She offers Jenny a conservatorship, where they might be able to get Jenny out of the psychiatric facility in less than six months. Abbie thinks that together they can find answers.[6]


Jenny must return to the asylum, but Abbie works on getting her out.[6] She then helped Abbie find Crane and the Sin Eater, Henry Parish. Jenny and Abbie find Crane with the Freemasons in the tunnels.[8] Frank Irving also agrees that she would be a help while dealing with the Horseman. While Crane, Frank, and Abbie have the Horseman imprisoned Frank takes her to a robbery at Adams Antiquities store where she once worked as a freelance artifact procurer for the owner. She shows Frank a hidden passage where the owner was shot and hidden. The owner, Jesse Adams, shows Frank and Jenny a box. Jenny recognizes the symbols on the lid from the 16th century. She tells Frank that the symbols on the Thracian Phiale had the power, when spoken correctly, to break a hex. In this case, it was to break the hex that kept the Horseman trapped. Jenny and Frank head to the power house in Sleepy Hollow, where the servants of Moloch, the Hessians, went to turn off the power and the light, which is the Horseman's weakness. Frank tells Jenny to stay put when he goes to investigate what the Hessians are planning. She, however, does not listen and arrests two Hessians. Later, three more come, and Frank brings in backup to arrest them all. She searches their car and finds the bags are empty, which means whatever was in them was then someplace in the power house. They were explosives, and they blew out the power.[9]

Jenny asks to see the Horseman after leaving the power house, and is in awe at how terrifying he is. She does help to guard the tunnels from demons of Moloch. However, he esaped.[9] She then met Frank's daughter, Macey, and his wife, Cynthia, at the Police station.[10] She then helped Abbie and Crane free Macey from Ancitif's control.[5]

Season Two[]

Jenny found herself captive in an abandoned warehouse at Route 9, where Henry and the Shadow Warriors threaten her, so she will give the location of the Purgatory Key. Henry read her sins and saw the pages, but he was unable to find it right away because the pages were encrypted in Franklin's Alphabet. As soon as her phone receives a message from Crane, she confronts the gang and escapes in an ambulance. They were able to find the key before Henry did, and return to the spot where Purgatory and the human world meet. She did warn him that he and Abbie must not eat or drink anything, as they would then permanently be imprisoned. She reunited with them and the team tried to find a way to rescue Katrina.

The weapon known as the Kindred, Ben Franklin's creature, made with various body parts from dead patriots. Abbie had doubts of raising "Franklinstein's Monster" who was believed to be as powerful as the Horseman of Death, but Crane reassured her that it was the only option they had at rescuing Katrina.

While Jenny was gathering weapons, Reyes caught her at her at the archives, and arrested her. Abbie stood up for her and she ended up getting community service. The team met one of her old friends, Nick Hawley, another artifact collector whose only interest is financial gain.

Jenny then came across a Judas coin left for her by Henry which inflamed her sense of betrayal. Through her anger, she targeted Reyes as she was going hunting, but her sister stopped her before she could kill the sheriff.

In Mama, she joined Abbie in an investigation of suspicious suicides in Tarrytown Psych. The sisters' investigations brings back painful memories from their childhood, including the incident when their mother was taken away and the ended up in foster care. Abbie and Jenny along with Hawley return to Tarrytown and are forced to intervene to prevent a patient from committing suicide, Abbie is then mystically transported to another part of the hospital by her mother. Jenny, while searching for her, is left a message which reads "TPRJLMIL". They learn that the message was a hospital code for a video session, and together they watch their mother speak of her torment and of a nurse they had previously encountered called Lambert.

Jenny, Abbie and Hawley return and find a hidden wall of their mother's cell. On it she had drawn a message that said, "You are my sunshine", like the song she sang to them as children. They then saved Frank who was deeply under the nurse's influence. They were attacked by the ghost and separated as she held Abbie hostage. Jenny found her mom's belongings, including her journal which had an incantation that would repel the ghost. After Jenny managed to work the incantation, Lori vanquished the nurse, and it was banished. The team then gathers in Mama's cell, and Jenny summons Lori. She was very proud of what her daughters became, she found a secret weapon that would defeat Moloch, and she knew they would succeed and carry on her legacy.

After Frank's escape from Terrytown, it was Jenny who took him north to the Canadian boarder. When she stopped before a checkpoint, Frank bailed. He couldn't risk bringing Jenny into any further danger. He disappeared and left an encrypted message behind.

When Jenny returned to Sleepy Hollow, Moloch rose. With her help, the team was able to decipher the hidden code. It was Jenny who suggested Frank, the man with no soul, could be their secret weapon. The Sword of Methuselah consumes a person's soul when used to kill, Frank's soul is already owned by Henry. Jenny fought against the demons and carried her injured sister away from the fight, only to have Frank lose his life after he killed War.

Five weeks later, Jenny and Hawley find an artifact that can locate demons. Those include the Purgatory escapees, the Horseman of Death who was freed by Katrina, and Orion. They are all converging on Sleepy Hollow. Hawley sends Jenny to retrieve silver bullets embedded in a demon corpse. According to Hawley; these could stop the demonic James Colby from resurrecting. She was able to take all three out, but the corpse reanimated itself, so she hurriedly stuck one bullet back in. She was outraged that Hawley had not explained the bullets were in the body.

Jenny then helps Hawley confront his past and face off against Carmilla Pines, a ruthless treasure hunter, who raised Hawley. Hawley had cut ties with her, after seeing her kill a man. Unfortunately, a Hindu cult captured her and used a ritual to turn her into a Vetala, a monster from Hindu lore. Camilla attempts to turn Hawley into a Vetala as well, but is stopped by the combined efforts of Jenny, Abbie, and Crane. In the end, Jenny says goodbye to Hawley as he leaves Sleepy Hollow to pursue and put an end to Carmilla.

Both Abbie and Jenny got more suspicious of Frank's behavior. They suggest that he should see Katrina who would break the hold Henry has over his soul. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, since he still had the dark symbol of the Warlock on his palm, and was able to obtain the Grand Grimoire from a sealed police vault after ambushing Jenny who unlocked it. He stole some evidence from the Hellfire Club and demanded Jenny give him the location of his family, whom Jenny had hidden at his request. She refused to tell him.

Frank later attacks Jenny, Abbie, and Crane when they confront Henry and Katrina. Jenny drew him off, planning on using the Gorgon head to stop him. When Abbie then kills Henry, Frank collapses and choking up black smoke, Frank tells Jenny it is him, he isn't being controlled. Jenny elects to believe him and puts the gorgon head away in favor of a hug from Frank.

Jenny and Frank caught up with the Witnesses. Katrina was also dead, and Abbie just returned from the Traveler Spell. Jenny is convinced the war is over, but according to Abbie, Grace said that there is a more crucial event coming up. [11]

Back to Work[]

About nine months later, Crane returns to Sleepy Hollow. There are a couple of mysterious deaths. Jenny goes to the archives and finds Abbie and Ichabod. They hug as they haven't seen each other for a while and Jenny says that Irving left without word or warning, and she has no idea where he went. Ichabod goes through the packed-up boxes looking for bestiary texts referring to mythological creatures. Crane locates Franklin's sketchbook. Inside of it is a report of an encounter with a red devil after the Battle of Bunker Hill. Betsy Ross delivered a letter which lead to their victory. Ichabod says that they have to find out what was in the message. Jenny brings it up on the computer and determines that the message and the satchel containing it were passed down and sold to an entertainment franchise company: Colonial Times. Abbie and Ichabod go to Colonial Times to get the letter. After Abbie and Ichabod get back, Jenny goes through a box of her things. Among them is a bag holding a piece of black obsidian.

Crane enters and asks for her help interpreting Betsy's message. Jenny explains that she has been looking for work since he disappeared, and Crane admits that it's been difficult finding a role in the world. He then shows her the message, which says that the Yao-Guai is attracted to aggression and gunpowder. When Crane explains that Abbie is on a drug bust, Jenny points out that it will attract the Yao-Guai. Abbie explains that the FBI is blaming Lorenzo for Mitch's death. She tells Crane and Jenny that she wounded it, and Abbie says that the Yao-Guai's eyes turned white like a shark when it attacked. Abbie warns that the eyes were only white for a few seconds, and they determine that it will take precise teamwork to kill the Yao-Guai. Abbie gets a call from the FBI that Lorenzo is holed up in a warehouse with hostages, and they want her there. She leaves with Crane and Jenny right behind her.[1]

At the warehouse, the FBI agent tells Abbie that Lorenzo wants to talk to the agent who was there when Mitch was killed. Crane and Jenny sneak around the back and Jenny lights some gunpowder to attract the Yao-Guai. Crane and Jenny spot the Yao-Guai approaching the warehouse. They light more gunpowder but the demon ignores it, and Jenny shoots it to get its attention. They run into the warehouse and Crane tells Jenny to take the shot. Crane fires off a shot and the Yao-Guai approaches him. Jenny draws a bead on it as the demon paralyzes Crane. As it advances, Jenny shoots it but it misses. The Yao-Guai attacks her and then knocks Crane to the floor below. As it leaps down at him, its eyes turning white, there's a shot and the demon explodes. Crane looks up to see Abbie.

Afterward, at the bar where Jenny works, Jenny brings them free drinks. Abbie assures Crane that he belongs there, and he figures that he has to accept the country just like he wants it to accept him. They drink to Abbie not being alone.[1]

Joe Corbin calls Jenny at the bar, as she is examining a black rock. He calls her to her trailer and shows her how someone tore the place apart. He says that he was delivering something from his father's cabin and saw the mess. Joe figures whoever broke in was looking for something specific, and realizes that Jenny is holding something back. Jenny insists that she isn’t involved in everything, and Joe complains that Jenny, Abbie, and Corbin never let him in on what they were doing. He figures that his father was on a mission, and was killed before he could explain what it was. Jenny says that she’ll call around , and tells Joe that Corbin didn’t want him to follow in his footsteps. Corbin would have been proud that Joe parlayed his Marine medical training into a job as an EMT. Jenny promises to tell him if she finds out anything and leaves.

After getting a call about Joe being captured, Jenny arrives and recognizes Randall. He says that he’s been hired by an interested party looking for the Shard of Anubis, and he figures Jenny got it for Corbin. If Jenny hands the Shard over then she and Joe can walk. She kicks him in the leg and attacks him, and he threatens Joe. Jenny agrees to hand over the Shard - the black stone - and Randall drives away. As Jenny unties Joe, he asks what is going on. She refuses to answer his questions and say that they should just go back to their lives. Joe visits Jenny and asks for an explanation. She warns him that he can’t go back once he comes in, but he wants to pick up where his father left off. Joe suggests that they go after the Shard and Jenny considers the offer.[12]

Jenny tells Abbie that she didn't think the Shard of Anubis had any value. She explains about how Joe wants to talk up his father's secret occupation, and Abbie sympathizes with Joe. Jenny asks her to run a trace on Randall's car, and figures he's working for someone much bigger. Abbie warns her to take it slow with bringing Joe in. Later, Abbie locates Randall's car, and Jenny and Joe go to the motel where it's parked. They break into his room and find a woman, Sophie Foster, there. She claims that she is hitching with Randall and he went for ice, and Joe and Jenny leave. As they go back to their car, Jenny realizes Sophie was lying and goes back just as Sophie drives off. They go in and find Randall handcuffed in the bathtub. He admits that Sophie played him to get the shard, and points out that Jenny fell for it as well. Once they confirm the Shard is gone, Joe and Jenny leave Randall handcuffed and Jenny figures that Sophie is somehow connected to Corbin.

Joe and Jenny track Sophie to a diner, and Sophie says that she already sold the Shard. Jenny takes it out of her pocket and explains that she found it in a hidden compartment in Sophie's car. Corbin taught her the same trick, and Jenny figures that Sophie is new to the relic-recovery game. She wonders who Sophie was going to sell it to, and Sophie tells Jenny that she doesn't want to know or why the Shard is so important. Jenny warns her that the life she's chosen isn't easy, and says that Corbin left it in her protection and she isn't going to give it up. At the bar, Joe goes through his father's things and finds nothing explaining why the Shard is important. Jenny figures that Sophie is more than just a hired gun, but Joe doesn't believe that Sophie worked for Corbin. He tells Jenny that he's with her no matter where the trail leads, and Abbie figures that they need to learn who they're up against.[13]

Children fall prey to a new creature that Pandora released. At the hospital, Abbie and Jenny arrive and introduce themselves. Jenny assures Saffron that she's very brave to tell people about the monster, and assures the girl that they're there to listen. Afterward, Abbie and Jenny tell Crane what Saffron described. He thinks that Pandora is behind it and wants to avoid the widespread panic that she wants to spread. The next day, the sisters go into the house of one of the victims and into the bedroom and Abbie says that it reminds them of one of the houses that they lived in with their father. She asks if Jenny ever thinks of their father, and she says that she never does and figures that it's mutual. Jenny doesn't believe that their father cared about them and has probably drank himself to death. While the sisters are searching the house, Crane talks to Saffron, she says that the monster is the Tooth Fairy.

As the trio leaves, Crane suggests that the myth of the Tooth Fairy is based on darker legends. At the archives, Crane suggests that Paul Revere used his dentistry as a cover for his supernatural work. While Jenny does an Internet search for Revere's dentisty bag, Crane finds a reference to the Abyzou, which eats children's souls. [14]

The next day at the archive, the trio tries to come up with a plan. All of the victims lived within a five-mile radius, and there's only one elementary school in the location. Jenny suggests that they go there and find out which children are losing a tooth, and Jenny has an idea. Later, the teacher introduces Crane to her class as the curator of the new Hudson Valley Historical Society. As he talks about the Founding Fathers, Jenny takes pictures of the students. Crane talks about how Revere was Washington's dentist and asks which of them has a loose tooth. Gregory doesn't say anything but one of the students asks him about his tooth. After the students leave, Crane and Jenny talk to the teacher. She says that Gregory is close to losing a tooth. Jenny approaches Gregory and gives him a silver dollar for protection against the things that only he can see. Once he leaves, Jenny tells Crane they need to watch the boy. She has learned that Revere's bag is at the Colonial Raleigh Museum and Abbie is trying to get it shipped to them.

Crane suggests that a silver weapon can kill the Abyzou. That night, Jenny and Abbie watch Gregory's house while Crane and Joe watch the house of another girl, Sarah Fogel. Abbie finally tells Jenny that she found their father. Jenny says that she found him five years ago and has learned that he remarried. Abbie isn't happy that her sister hasn't told her anything for five years, and Jenny points out that her father has a new family and Abbie wouldn't have been happy to find out. They argue about which of them dislike their father, and Jenny says that she only hates their father because Abbie does. They hear a scream from inside. Jenny and Abbie hear him. the boy holds out the silver coin and the Abyzou retreats outside. Gregory goes after it and tells Abbie and Jenny where to swing. Jenny manages to hit a sprinkler and outlines the creature momentarily. While Gregory runs inside to his sister, Jenny sprays the Abyzou with a garden hose. A hooded figure emerges from the shadow and knocks Jenny down, and Abbie goes to help her sister. She stabs the Abyzou with a silver blade but it has no effect. The Abyzou knocks her into a tree and runs off, and Jenny runs to her unconscious sister.[14]

The next day, Jenny and Crane check on the unconscious Abbie to the hospital. Crane assures Jenny that Abbie will recover, and figures that they were wrong about the Abyzou's silver weakness. He returns to the archive to do more research while Jenny stays with Abbie. Saffron comes in and tells Jenny that the doctors don't think Tessa will wake up. She blames herself for her sister's condition, and Jenny says that she just think of the good times with her sisters. Jenny assures Saffron that Tessa loves her and no monster can change that. Jenny returns to the archive where Ichabod is examining the contents of Revere's bag. He realizes that some of the tools fit together to form a larger weapon. He describes the flash he saw beneath the door, and Jenny figures that Revere used silver nitrate to create a flash. There are traces of it in water, which is why Jenny and Abbie saw the creature at Gregory's house.

Jenny figures that the Abyzou has a weak spot that they have to see. They set up a trap. Saffron goes to her tree house, puts Tessa's teeth on the floor, and waits for the Abyzou. It drops in and starts to attack her, and Crane arrives and fires a shot of silver nitrate. The substance reveals the Abyzou, and Crane kicks it out the window to wear Jenny is waiting with an axe. The monster runs off and Jenny goes after it. Crane sends Saffron inside as Jenny calls that the silver nitrate wore off. They head into the forest, and Crane manages to fire a shot, briefly revealing the creature. He reloads and prepares to shoot, and the invisible Abyzou knocks him to the floor. He spots the creature's footsteps and throws some silver nitrate on it, revealing its location.

Jenny manages to stab it in its weak spot, and the Abyzou collapses and then dissolves into dust. Later, Jenny meets Abbie and tells her that she identified the Shard thief as Sophie Foster. She's also learned that someone named Atticus Nevins paid Sophie. Jenny then apologizes for not telling Abbie about finding her father. Abbie assures her that it's okay, and assures Jenny that no fight will ever keep them apart again. Jenny wonders if Abbie wants to talk to their father, and she admits that she does. However, she doesn't want to screw up his new life. Jenny says that the only thing that matters is that they have each other.[14]

Joe and Jenny are at Jenny's camper unloading groceries, and Jenny says that she's connected a face to the Shard of Anubis: Mr. Atticus Nevins. Joe recognizes him and explains that Atticus was a friend of his father's. He has an album belonging to Corbin and it has a photo of Atticus and Corbin together during the war. Joe wonders what his father was involved in and Jenny says that they can get answers now that they have a name. She assures Joe that Corbin was one of the best men she ever knew, and refuses to believe otherwise until they have proof. Jenny and Joe drive to an address that she connected to Atticus. Joe recognizes the place, and explains that he was there when he was a kid. He figures that Corbin was working with Atticus. Sophie comes out and Jenny approaches the thief.

Sophie spots them and draws her gun, and Joe says that they want to meet with Atticus on a family matter. In return they'll give her the Shard. Sophie agrees to contact Atticus and says that Atticus said that Joe and Jenny would come to her with the Shard. Once she drives off, Jenny complains about Joe's plan. He promises that he won't let anything bad happen, but Jenny warns him it's a promise he can't make. [15]

Abbie meets with Jenny at the bar and shows her the surveillance photos of Jenny meeting with Sophie. Abbie refuses to discuss the details of the case, and orders Jenny to stay away from Atticus. Jenny warns that Joe won't be happy about it, but says that she'll break the news to Joe. After Daniel gets bitten by a demonic wasp, Crane and Jenny do some research while Abbie and Joe secure Daniel in the Masonic Cell. Crane has discovered that a recorded ditty is a list of ingredients that Grace used to treat Washington. Jenny goes with Joe to get the ingredients, and they visit a Trinidadian shop. As they wait for the owner, Joe worries that they got Abbie in trouble because of their investigation. He thanks Jenny for what she has done, just as the owner comes in. The man, Azzaca, figures that Jenny and Joe together. She says that she doesn't have time to haggle, but Azzaca stalls until Joe says that they'll pay cash.

The Obeah man gets the herb, but when he touches Jenny's hand to take the money, his eyes turn white and he says that she shall be claimed. Joe pries him loose and Azzaca warns Jenny that her fate has changed. He tells Joe to protect her, and they quickly leave. Later, Joe meets up with Atticus to try and get the Shard back. Atticus' men drag Joe out the back and Jenny puts a gun to Atticus' head. Atticus' men drop their guns, and Jenny takes the Shard. She and Joe lock Atticus and his men in a shed, and Joe explains about the bank accounts. As Jenny looks at the shard, it disappears in her hand. Atticus' men break out, and Jenny drives away as they open fire. That night, Jenny tries to sleep. Her body is covered with red veins, and she dreams of skulls, flames, and ancient writing. Something looks at her in the darkness, and Jenny jerks awake.[16]

Jenny and Joe spar at a gym. As they spar, Jenny remembers her nightmares. She punches Joe hard and knocks him to the floor, and her skin glows red as she stares off into space. She has a vision of runes and a hooded man, and then snaps back to normal. Later, Jenny and Joe meet with Abbie and Ichabod and tell them what happened. They figure that it's related to the Shard, and Joe and Jenny admit that they met Atticus. Joe confirms that Jenny was the only one who touched it with bare skin. Recognizing the description, Crane explains that there are binding stones that transfer magical energy into those who touch them. He warns that mortal beings aren't meant to house such magical energy, and Jenny realizes that the Shard is going to kill her. Jenny insists that she feels fine, and Joe suggests that they talk to Atticus again. As Abbie objects, Jenny hears something and tells them to be quiet. The three creatures emerge from the woods and the group opens fire.

As Jenny stares at the creature in shock, it heals and Joe yells that they have to go. The group runs to a hatch leading into the tunnels beneath Sleepy Hollow. Abbie points out that the creatures fed on the energy of their attacks, and that they were drawn to Jenny's energy. They figure that Atticus is controlling the creatures and sent them to get Pandora, and Crane assumes that Atticus is working for Pandora. Jenny wavers momentarily and they get her moving. At the archive, Jenny starts to glow red again. She speaks in a man's voice, saying that "he" is coming. Jenny wakes up and tells Abbie that she doesn't remember anything. Jenny realizes that she's in the Masonic cell. She tells her sister that Crane and Joe are checking on something Ichabod believes can track the berserkers. Jenny reluctantly lies back and Abbie stands watch. Later, Joe takes some blood from Jenny. He assures her that she'll be fine and that they'll both be alive to discuss it in the future. Joe then takes Ichabod's advice and says that he needs to talk, and kisses Jenny. After a moment, she kisses him back. Not long later, Jenny breaks free and makes marks on the wall. She then goes to the ruins and plunges her hands into the pool. The water glows red, and Pandora and a hooded figure emerge from the tree. Pandora orders Jenny to kneel, and she kneels to the hooded figure and takes his hand. The figure, the Hidden One, says that he has arrived.[17]

The Hidden One[]

Pandora takes the near-mummified Hidden One to a nearby river while Jenny lies unconscious on the ground, glowing red with mystical energy. The Hidden One draws the energy from Jenny, gaining strength. Pandora advises him to go slowly for fear of destroying the Eye and Jenny with it. He stops after a moment and tells Pandora that he would break eternity for her. Jenny wakes up and the Hidden One tells her that the Eye lies within her. He touches her head with his staff and visions of the past flash through Jenny's mind. There's a flash of light and Ichabod, Abbie, and Joe run over. They catch a glimpse of the Hidden One before he teleports away with Jenny and Pandora. At the ruins, Pandora restrains Jenny and the Hidden One tells her that the world must be cleansed with fire and humanity's taint wiped away. He then starts draining the mystical energy from Jenny again.

Later, At the ruins, Pandora restrains Jenny and the Hidden One tells her that the world must be cleansed with fire and humanity's taint wiped away. He then starts draining the mystical energy from Jenny again. The Witnesses run into the main room and Abbie knocks the Hidden One back with a grenade. Jenny tells Abbie that it's too late, but Abbie opens the casing and extracts the Eye. Abbie backs away from Jenny, who wonders what she's doing as the casing shard glow with the Eye's energies. As the ceiling starts to come down, the Tree of Fear opens and Abbie tells Jenny that she has to do it to save her. Ichabod arrive and calls to Abbie, who tells him to take care of Jenny. She then enters the tree and it closes behind her just as the Eye explodes, destroying the Box. When Ichabod wakes up, he finds Joe nearby. Jenny is alive but unconscious, and there's no sign of Pandora or the Hidden One.[18]

Around a month later, at the Archives, Ichabod tells Jenny and Joe that he recovered the Lydian Jug. He desperately starts looking for spells to find Abbie, and Joe points out that it’s been a month since she disappeared. Ichabod insists that Abbie is alive and says that it’s up to him to find her, and Jenny takes offense, pointing out that it's up to all of them. Ichabod apologizes and gets hold of himself, and Jenny says that they have a lead on an artifact that will let them track down Pandora and the Hidden One, and hopefully Abbie. Jenny promises that they’ll find Abbie and leaves with Joe. Jenny and Joe go to an antique store and Jenny tosses a wad of money in front of the owner, Matt. She wants a map belonging to a Russian occultist, and figures that he knows where it is. He refuses the money, and Jenny offers him a necklace in payment. Once he goes, Joe wonders how she can be so sure they’ll find Abbie, Jenny insists that there’s no alternative. Matt comes back and says that Nevins had the map. When he disappeared, dozens of relic hunters came to Sleepy Hollow looking for it. Randall acquired the map. Jenny and Joe got to a bar where Randall is celebrating. He figures that they want the map. Jenny starts flirting with him and Joe says that she doesn’t have to do it.

Randall says that he'll let them go in one piece, and that he only got the map to annoy Jenny. As they leave, Jenny shows Joe the phone she lifted from Randall. Joe and Jenny track down a storage facility from Randall’s phone log, and Jenny picks the lock on the unit door. Inside the unit is a single crate and inside it, Jenny finds the map. Randall comes in behind her, his men holding a gun to Joe’s head, and they drag Joe away and start beating him. However, Joe comes back and puts a gun to Randall’s head. When Randall tries to attack him, Joe knocks him out and Jenny runs over to hug Joe before they leave with the map.

Back at Jenny’s trailer, Jenny tells Joe that she is not the kind of person who talks about feelings. She admits that when she thought Randall's men had killed Joe, she believed she was going to lose another person that she loved. Joe kisses her and they go to the bed. Later, Jenny and Joe arrive back at the archives and show Ichabod and Sophie the map. It shows the presence of monsters, and the map indicates that dozens of demons are converging on Sleepy Hollow. They figure that Pandora is summoning them, and Ichabod figures that Abbie would want them to kill them.[19]

Joe goes to the home of Ezra Mills posing as an EMT and asks for a minute of his time. While he claims that he’s with the Good Neighbor next Door Program, Jenny slips in the back and searches her father’s desk. She finds his war mementos, including a lighter with his name on it. Joe excuses himself and asks for his name, and Ezra gives his name. Back at the archive, Joe wonders why Jenny didn’t tell him that it was her father’s place. Ichabod is constructing a spirit cabinet to Jenny’s specifications. The cabinet will enable astral projection, freeing the user's spirit to travel across the layers of reality and find Abbie. They need three family tokens; Grace Dixon’s journal, a necklace from Abbie to Jenny, and Ezra’s lighter. Ichabod sits down and tells Jenny to close the curtains once he falls into a trance. She casts the spell and Ichabod passes out. They close the curtains and wait. As Joe and Jenny wait, Sophie arrives and asks for Ichabod. When the agent suggests that the worker’s murder was done by a creature, Jenny suggests that she and Joe investigate.

Sophie takes them to the church and points out that one of the four stone Gargoyles in the photos is no longer there. Jenny suggests that they head back to the archive and check the books. They check the cornerstone for the date of construction. It was part of the original cathedral, and Sophie recognizes that the stonework was carved by French craftsmen. The tower was relocated from Europe stone by stone, and Jenny suggests that they check the cathedral library. The trio checks the cathedral library and discovers that Marquis De Lafayette stipulated that his papers remain there under the Sign of the Cross. There’s no mention of gargoyles. Sophie examines the papers looking for a pattern, and Jenny irritably hands it over. The agent confirms that it’s a cipher, and jenny spots another narrative hidden. She reads the second narrative, where Lafayette met with his contact in the Colonial forces near the ruined bell tower: Betsy Ross. However, the English unleashed a Gargoyle on them and the two of them were forced to fight the creature. The entry ends there, and Jenny figures that they must have found a way to turn the creature back to stone. The agent walks off and Joe tries to reassure Jenny, who doesn’t want to talk about it.[20]

As night falls, a restoration worker spots the Gargoyle and mistakes it for a wild animal. Sophie sends him away and fires at the Gargoyle, and then grab tools as improvised weapons. The Gargoyle leaps down at Jenny and Sophie and Joe try to lure it away. Jenny realizes that Lafayette knew that the Sign of the Cross could keep it away, and runs for it while Sophie provides cover fire. The Gargoyle attacks Joe, but Jenny comes back and knocks it away. The trio runs inside and barricades the door, and they realize the Gargoyle can't come on hallowed ground. She plans to demolish the church’s contents to use weapons, but Sophie suggests that they use the mixer to entomb the Gargoyle.

Jenny objects, saying that they already have a plan, and Joe suggests that they hear Sophie out. He says that they need to throw everything that they have at the Gargoyle, the trio go out and Sophie heads for the mixer. Joe assures Jenny that it's the right plan, and she apologizes for not telling him that Ezra was her father. She kisses him and Joe promises that he'll stick with her. Armed with holy relics, Joe and Jenny slip out and find the Gargoyle. Sophie gets to the cement mixer and starts it.

Jenny and Joe lure the Gargoyle toward the mixer, leaping into the framework. Jenny blinds it with holy water and Sophie helps her out of the frame. Joe sprays concrete at the creature, filling the frame and immobilizing the Gargoyle. Jenny admits that they all did good, including Sophie. the trio discovers that the candle is out but Ichabod isn’t awake. They realize that his spirit isn’t there, and Abbie comes in to tell them that the tether was cut. She explains what happened, and calls to Ichabod assuming that he followed her back. Abbie takes Ichabod’s hand and reminds him that they're always together. After a moment, the candle lights and Ichabod wakes up. He says that he was floating in darkness but followed Abbie’s voice.[20]

After the Kindred returns to Sleepy Hollow, Joe and Jenny slip into an opera house and find the case containing the harmonica. He points out that she is using her father's lighter, and wonders why she's carrying it around. She irritably takes it back and insists that the lighter is just a normal item that they stole and she doesn't need it anymore. Jenny puts it away and they leave with the harmonica. As Joe and Jenny set up the harmonica in the cell, Joe suggests that Jenny meet with Ezra for coffee. When she wonders why he's so fixated on the idea of her getting back together with her father, and Joe explains that he avoided meeting Corbin and knows what it's like to lose a father. He suggests that Jenny put her ego aside and talk to Ezra, and says that she has to live her own life. They activate the harmonica. In the tunnels, the Kindred emerges from its coffin. Abbie, Joe, and Jenny hide as the creature emerges and looks at the paper that it's collected. Joe picks up the harmonica and starts playing it as best he can, and the Kindred advances on him. After a moment it calms down but keeps coming, but then it hears Ichabod and Zoe talking in the archive. It follows the sound and leaves. Later, the Kindred goes to the opera house where he keeps Zoe hostage. Joe and Jenny arrive and anchor him with metal cables. They rescue Zoe, who has fainted, and Sophie. As the Kindred struggles to free himself, he knocks over a lantern, starting a fire. Abbie and Ichabod activate another Kindred-like creature, the Kindress. The newly activated creature stops the Kindred and the two leave Sleepy Hollow as all the Kindred wanted was someone to love.[21]

Jenny and Joe drive to the diner where Jenny is meeting with Ezra. Ezra greets her and admits that he's surprised she took his call. Jenny just stares at him, and when Ezra compares her to her mother, Jenny says that t's a mistake. Ezra stops her and says that he's just there to listen to whatever she needs to say. Sitting back down, she asks why he left the family, and Ezra says that it was him. When Lori was sick, he didn't know how to handle it. Ezra drank and then joined the Navy for the medical benefits and so that he could sober up. He got out six years later and Lori was dead, and Abbie and Jenny were in foster care. He tells Jenny that he'd like to see Abbie. Later, Abbie gets Atticus and Joe and Jenny chain Atticus up in the Masonic cell. As Ichabod and Abbie watch through the one-way glass, Atticus has them check his chest. There is a sealed-over incision, and Atticus explains that Pandora removed his spleen for failing her.

Later, Jenny meets Abbie at her office and warns that no one knows anything about the scarab. She finally tells Abbie that she saw Ezra. She explains that Ezra wants to see Abbie, and Abbie isn't interested. That night, Joe and Sophie break into the abandoned rail house that Randall is using as his base of operation while Jenny monitors them on the radio. There's a crate capable of holding the ghoul. Randall arrives and holds them at gunpoint. He and his men disarm them. His men open the crate to reveal tens of thousands of dollars. They realize that Randall isn't controlling the Ghoul. The Ghoul rips through his chest from behind, killing him and also kills Randall's men.

Joe hits it from behind and it tries to break his neck. However, the Ghoul suddenly drops him and walks out. Sophie figures that Atticus is controlling the Ghoul, and they realize that the scarab isn't an artifact. As Joe, Jenny, and Sophie drive back to the archive, Sophie calls Abbie and tells her what happened. Not long after, Atticus escapes. Joe and Jenny enter the tunnels and go after Atticus. They split up to cover more ground. Atticus doubles back and takes Jenny hostage. After they talk about Joe's father, Atticus shoves Jenny at Joe and runs off into the shadows. Later at Jenny's trailer, Jenny tells Joe that Atticus got away with Corbin's file. She figures that they'll track him down and recover it.[22]

In the house, Ichabod, Joe, and Jenny make Sunday brunch. Ichabod complains about how the food is named, and Jenny realizes something else is going on. He shows the others his rejection of citizenship from Immigration. He failed because he missed his interview when he was looking for the missing Abbie. Jenny says that they'll use Joe's money to hire Ichabod a lawyer to plead his case, and goes to make mimosas. She goes to the garage to get champagne and sees the cloth on the wall. Abbie interrupts her, holding her the bottle of champagne, and gets Jenny inside. The group finishes breakfast and Ichabod and Jenny take the dishes to the kitchen. The FBI calls Abbie and tells her about a possible serial killing of two antiquarian professors. After, Joe and Jenny drive back to Jenny's trailer, and find the floor flooded. The waiter main hookup has cracked and Jenny shuts off the valve.

Joe figures that she'll need a whole new system, and points out that the entire trailer could use an innovation. He's more than glad to spend some of his money to do the work for their future together. After finding some information about the professors, Jenny calls Abbie to say that the two murdered professors had a Mayan prayer mask and a Celtic plate on loan. Both plates were solid gold and known to be the vessels of the gods. She heads back to her trailer to find the reference back. Jenny drives back to her trailer and discovers that Joe has bought her a new trailer. He comes out with a giant red bow and admits that she wasn't supposed to be back yet. Jenny is furious that he replaced her bed without asking, and Joe assures her that all of her stuff is in either the Masonic Cell or a storage unit. She gets in the truck, tells Joe to get in, and heads to the Cell.

After more research, Jenny calls from the Cell and reads Abbie a legend about an hourglass artifact that bestows omnipotence on the user. The key ingredient is the Fire of the Gods, which will transform the relics into the Sands of Life. Later, Joe brings the trailer back and assures her that it's all the way it was. He admits that he jumped the gun but insists that his heart was in the right place. Jenny points out that he stole her home, and says that it's about boundaries. They kiss and Jenny tells Joe to never touch her stuff again without asking. She then goes inside and locks Joe out.[23]

Washington DC[]

Jenny made her first appearance in Washington DC while Ichabod and his new team faced against John Wilkes Booth. She surprised it by showing up unexpectedly with a Gatlin gun filled with copper bullets. With a quick volley, the demon went down and she reunited with Crane. He introduced her as a scholar, gentlewoman, and a badass. Actually, she prefers to be called, "Ms. Badass." She later explained to him that she was traveling the world, mostly the Himalayas, to find answers on the next Witness, and she found nothing. She realizes that her sister is really gone, and it's too soon if he found anyone with that kind of potential. She assures him he's not alone and never will be, and she said the whole country is here thanks to him. She told him he belongs here more than anyone else she knows, and he said the colonists have invented a personification of Liberty, Columbia. She's glad that he's home.[24]

While Ichabod woke up from a nightmare involving a young girl, Jenny was mixing a singing bowl. She believes that the Dali Lama used the bowl to track his successors, hoping she would find the next Witness. Ichabod appreciates her for letting him stay in the trailer, and for helping him relocating here. She said she got it cheap for a friend, and she offered to do some research while Ichabod checks out the Vault. Later on, Ichabod calls her saying he has an idea who the next Witness is thanks to a wallpaper image on Diana's phone; it was the same girl he saw in his dream. Several moments later, she saw a few boys point out Molly's sketching, then some girls bully Molly outside her school, of her inability to talk. She intervenes and she then sees Ichabod and Diana pull up.

As soon as Molly saw Crane, she said, "Hello". Since then she's been wanting to see Molly, though Ichabod warns her that she isn't Abbie. Diana soon confronts her and she apologizes for overstepping her boundaries. She then teams up with Diana and Ichabod to look for Washington's covenant at the wetlands. They're known to detect liars and have committed various murders throughout the city. As they found their hideout, she assured Diana she could bypass their security. She did and they found the Dagger and warned her that one cut could be very fatal. They eventually find a clock that's said to maintain the sisters' glamour. It activates and they were attacked by Malligo who recognized Crane when he served with Washington. As she meets up with Diana they were pinned by her sister, Marg. Ichabod managed to shoot the grandfather clock causing the glamour to fade, revealing the witches' true form.

Jenny kicked Marg back and Diana shot her, while Ichabod threw the Dagger and missed Marg. The clock spun out of control and they escaped just before the place exploded. Diana decides to leave the pair alone for awhile, and Jenny reassures she'll take care of herself; however Ichabod is determined to tell her the truth about Molly tonight. As they gazed into Diana's house through her truck, they had a change of heart. He decides to give them one night's peace before the stuff hits the fan.[25]

Ichabod found an apartment thanks to Jenny and Jake. He also admired that Jenny and Jake's names are very similar to each other. She warns Ichabod that he must tell Diana and Molly of her destiny, otherwise the road won't get any smoother once she finds out. While Ichabod and Diana investigate a crime scene created by the Headless Horseman, she teams up with Jake and Alex as they head through the Vault's secret tunnels. They find some century-old Druidic glyphs located there. They also find a disk located underneath the cover surrounded by other glyphs carved into the tunnel walls, described in different ancient cultures. She takes the disk back to the Vault with them, but they must hurry since they have six hours before the sun sets. Apparently, that chamber was supposed to repel Death, and the disc has an Egyptian code on it.

Ichabod has seen the glyphs before thanks to a city planner known as Benjamin Banneker. The team was astonished how Crane knows all this, and that's when Jenny spilt the beans that he's technically 226 years old. While they were looking through Benjamin's arsenal in the Vault, she recalls seeing his portfolio months ago at a black-market auction. She uses an online reference and it shows that Malcolm has it. She prepares for battle and she'd use the disk to trap the Horseman after it's being lured into the chamber.

Then Diana asks how she got involved, and she told her how she and Abbie first saw Moloch in front of four white trees. During the Horseman's invasion, Jake leads her and Alex through the tunnels to find more glyphs. She started translating them, but nothing happened, so Jake volunteered. He tackled the first one, then she joined him on the remaining symbols and the chamber opened. Ichabod and Diana ran inside and they turned to face him again. After a brief struggle, while Alex was closing the chamber, they escaped and the trap in J Street was sealed. Sadly, Diana tells her and Ichabod to not see Molly anymore.[26]

Jenny made another attempt to visit Molly, unfortunately Diana scolded her never to have her daughter involved. She then realized that Ichabod was not returning any of her calls or texts. So out of concern, she visited his apartment only to find a large cocoon and some black goo. She managed to take the sticky material and a piece of the cocoon so they could be analyzed in the Vault, According to Jake, he found an account made by her great-aunt, Grace. She said there was a spider demon that carried its victims to the Cave of Despair. Determined, she goes there, even though it's behind a military facility. She was caught, and Jake and Alex were watching. Diana rescued her since Jake called her in case of an emergency. She found out from her profile she was in and out of foster homes and Tarrytown, but she explained that she was also a warrior of fighting evil, like her sister who was a Witness. As they trekked into the cave, it was covered with spider silk, and they soon found a comatose Ichabod. The material was thick and unnatural, and they were ambushed by the demon.

As Diana attacked it, he was also inflicted. They retreated back to the Vault and they found another one of Dixon's entries; she said the spider traps its victims in some spiritual trial, causing mental anguish and regret. The demon feeds off of their negativity until they're so consumed, they commit suicide. Jenny explains to Diana that the Witnesses share an unbroken bond. Like he did to Abbie, she was saved by him in various worlds. They always found each other, and she said that Molly could be the new Witness, his anchor. Grace's file says the demon can be stopped with a compound of sulfur and an illegal military chemical, HMX.

Jenny knew a guy who owns it, so she and Diana visit a bar where a man confronted them. They were able to retrieve it after Diana said he was a marine, and called him "leatherballs". Jake and Alex freed Crane and Jenny and Diana killed the spider with one shot. But he was so deep into his mind that there was only one way: Diana called Molly and told her what she thinks of him. She said that he's a kind, sad man, as he always feels alone and he's let everyone down. But he bears hope, and he must never give up on it. Those words were Abbie's before she disappeared, and with that, he awoke. Ichabod stated they have a lot to discuss.[27]

Jenny was able to save Ichabod and Diana as they faced off against the demon, Ansel. She used an insignia to prevent him from using his spells from the sigils on his body. From the graph that Jake and Alex obtained from the Jeffersonian, they saw the next piece of the Philosopher's Stone was located in Sleepy Hollow.[28]

As they returned home, Jenny had numerous cases of deja vu, especially about Abbie and Joe's deaths. She did go with Jake and Alex as they set out for the last piece which was guarded by an archer, the Sphinx. They defeated it, but it was a setup made by Jobe. He planned the attack and knocked Ichabod out cold as he met him. Jenny and the others caught up with him; it was the same location where Crane and the Hessian fought each other. Dreyfuss used their blood to activate the Stone, but Jenny managed to trap Jobe in an enchanted lantern; the same one she used when she dealt with a jumper demon. They escaped before the explosion that Jake made. She wasn't at Abbie's gravesite, but she did join the team as they celebrated their victory. And that was when Diana named the group, Team Witness.[29]

The lantern soon burst open after Jenny made August's Devil's Trap. Jobe was released and he tried to dissuade her, but it failed. She thought that Jobe has Stockholm syndrome, concerning his relationship with Dreyfuss, while Ichabod and Diana were dealing with the Barghest. She later received an urgent message from them, as Molly must be saved before midnight. She'll turn 11, which is the age when a person becomes a Witness for life. The beast took Molly away who was her divorced father, Mitch. In exchange for letting Jobe go, she received the location and a map of where the beast was. Molly was saved and she later attended the occasion.

A mysterious illness was spreading over Washington DC. It was from a popular video made by Logan McDonald, whom Molly knows. The virus creates a condition known as fire flu, and has killed several people. In order for Molly to stay away from the infection, Jenny invited her to join on a hiking trip. While Molly was with her, she offered a little game consisting a few significant objects: a crossbow, a Tibetan singing bowl, and a banana. She chose the crossbow, as it labeled her as the warrior, while Molly picked the bowl, which made her out to be an oracle. As she was using it, she fainted and saw a terrifying vision of an old, haggard Ichabod in chains. It was a foreshadowing of her distant future.[30]

As Molly's imaginary friend was attacking Diana, Jenny came to her for help. Through her belongings, she found out it was Mr. Stitch. She said it was an Ick, someone who was controlled by a person's negative emotions and her psyche. It hibernates at night, unless it was summoned, which was by Dreyfuss thanks to a microchip in Molly's backpack. She saw a picture of the "good monster". It was a happy project for show-and-tell when she was 5-6 years old. Jenny also found an old baby blanket, and some of the patches were sewed as Molly created it. She then made a ritual consisting of candles, an enchanted ring, and her blanket which was placed in the center. Mr. Stitch met up with them, and Molly begged it to stop hurting the people she cared about. She never wanted to injure her mom, or her art teacher, Mr. David. She did, however, felt distant as Diana always leaves for work, and keeps assuring her that things will be all right when they won't. Jenny made an incantation then she incinerated the blanket, and Mr. Stitch vanished as well.[31]

The Eisenhower building was plagued by the hunger demon Jobe released. Jenny found out from a friend named Donny, an Oriental artifact fanatic, that he showed her an Asian horn and bits of info on it. Through the surveillance, it was revealed that it came from a Chinese puzzle which had distinctive signs that had different functions. It almost worked like a Rubic's Cube, which Jenny herself is a master of. They fought it off and the puzzle was broken. Fortunately, it was thanks to her that the demon was defeated; using an entry about James F. Reed in the Donner Party, he trapped the demon and exploded it and the cave revealing a piece of gold.

It started the Gold Rush, and Jenny said they could find gold in old cars from their airbags and converters. They defeated it using all kinds of golden substances. In the Vault, Jenny found out about Dreyfuss' plot; she believes that the Horsemen can be a grand transformation to the world, rather than be something destructive and apocalyptic. She then fought with an intruder who stole an important document which revealed the prurpose and whereabouts of the Totem of War. Unfortunately, she got away. And while Ichabod and Diana were tracking her down, she teamed up with Jake and Alex and found the four Horsemen caskets. War was the only one empty. They then headed to Dreyfuss' personal quarters and while she was taking out the guards, Jake and Alex were captured by Jobe. Fortunately, she managed to save them but it was too late. Ichabod was already shot and he was assimilated into War.[32]

Back in the present time, Jenny is alive along with Jake and Alex. They were at the Vault and they couldn't find a way to bring Ichabod back. Luckily there was: Lara used the Dagger which wounded War, as it is capable of penetrating through the Horsemen's armor. It had Ichabod's blood and with his DNA, along with the jar of black goo, Henry was resurrected. As Jenny traps him in a ring, the one used for Jobe, he plans to save Ichabod's soul. To do so, a decoupling ritual must be done. With the Dagger and Katrina's ritual, Lara was successful.

Meanwhile, Jenny, Jake and Alex found out that Jobe has unleashed an army of undead Redcoats using the Draugr Stone. He plans to attack Sleepy Hollow and to regain Death's strength by charging his ax. They used Greek fire bullets, and the first wave was easy. The second one overwhelmed them, but Crane massacred the zombies as the Avatar of War. It shortly dissipated and Jenny decided to use the Sin Eater's ring to separate him from War indefinitely.[33]

Final Battle[]

During a vision, Jenny and Ichabod wore Revolutionary uniforms, while Henry and Malcolm donned on Redcoats. She led the duel and Crane and Henry shot each other after they drew their guns. It was revealed that Henry got his job back as War. Meanwhile in the Vault with Jake and Alex, they were watching as the Horsemen marched across Valley Forge and fought off the military. They have to save the Madam President before he gets to the White House, otherwise America will be lost. So Lara used her crystals to communicate with Jobe, who said in Latin to "go to hell." It wasn't meant as an insult, it was a hint to actually go there. So the Witnesses went into Hell, while Jenny and the duo located a lock that had a document dating back to 1788. There, Banneker advises Washington that the nation must be united, as one, E Pluribus Unum.

The Archives was under construction, but Jenny looked in every nook and cranny for weapons; however, the Vault was not far behind in development. Jake found some blueprints and behind a wall was a secret chamber containing three weapons; a crossbow, dagger, and a rifle which Jenny used. They were off to battle the three Horsemen, while War was dealing with Ichabod and Diana at the White House where the President was captured. Their weapons began to glow, but they were evenly matched, their hopes dwindling. Diana shot him, and Ichabod used the Philosopher's Stone he obtained from The Devil, resulting a loss of Malcolm's immortality.

Jobe was relieved from his contract and he sent them both to Hell. With that, the Horsemen disappeared and they won!. The President congratulates Ichabod and the others, and promotes him to be the leader of Agency 355; however, he couldn't since he's not a US citizen. Raising his right hand, he was eligible, and his friends became honorable members. After hte chaos was all over and done, Jenny made a call to Diana who was on a job, saying she noticed a siren. According to Ichabod, though, it was a Kraken.[34]

Dystopian Future[]

In a former future, Malcolm Dreyfuss succeeded in his plans and took over America. Ichabod was supposedly killed and Molly was adopted by Dreyfuss. Jenny became part of the resistance. Several years into the future, Jenny was giving a class to kids as she taught them how America existed long ago. It was usurped by the monster known as The Dreyfuss, he sucked the freedom from the people, and is capable on many things. The class then ends and Jenny reminds the students that they can never talk about their secret classes. Jenny gets a message from another member of the resistance saying that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were heading their way. Jenny and the others quickly gathers some magical artefacts for the upcoming battle. Once they arrive, Jenny welcomes them by showering them with bullets that clearly do no harm to the horseman or their horses. The horseman easily take out multiple soldiers.

Famine corners a woman but is stopped by a sudden blast from one of the artifacts that is being controlled by Jenny, which diverts its attention from the woman to Jenny herself. Famine rides for Jenny when it is hit again by the same artifact which knocks Famine off of it's horse. Feeling pretty happy with herself, Jenny smiles but is hit hard by the horseman of War, knocking her out. When she comes to, the horseman of war is holding Jenny when Lara (formerly Molly) punches her. Jenny realizes who is punching her and tries to get through to her by telling her that the horseman of war is really her mother. Lara doesn't believe her and holds a gun to her. Jenny kicks Lara away and stabs War with Delilah's Dagger only to be stabbed herself by War's sword.[33]


  • In a deleted scene from Season 1, before she was leaving the psych ward, she ran into a man named Chaswick. In an altered voice he warned her that the Horseman of Death has returned; it seems that he and Jenny had been friends while she was institutionalized.


  • The name "Jennifer" is from a Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar. This name has only been common outside of Cornwall since the beginning of the 20th century, after it was featured in George Bernard Shaw's play 'The Doctor's Dilemma' (1906).[35]


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