Lachlan Fredericks was a warlock who was a member of the same coven as Katrina Crane belonged to. Fredericks was the namesake of the Fredericks Manor, which was protected by a hex. However, the hex was broken when Katrina gives birth to a son, causing a Tree Monster summoned by Moloch to attack the Manor. Grace Dixon was employed by him as the manor's house matron.



Fredericks was a warlock and member of Katrina's coven, who owned a house that was used as a safe haven by slaves, but the house had also had a hex placed on it by Fredericks himself to protect its occupants. Katrina visited the home in order to give birth to her son, knowing that the house was protected from the outside evils. However, Katrina's birth unknowingly broke the hex, causing the Tree Monster to attack the house. Fredericks was impaled and killed by the Monster when he went outside to investigate. 

Season OneEdit

Fredericks's descendant, Lena Gilbert (a socialite) is captured in a closet by vines in the old house until she is rescued by Ichabod Crane and Grace's descendant, Abbie Mills. Ichabod involuntarily awakens the Monster, but kills it by impaling it in the head with an axe as revenge for the Monster's harm on Katrina and his child.