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"Sam! We should've brought the hedge clippers! The place is completely I'm merely noting the eradication of a thrice-daily tradition, wherein each meal is treated with the proper allowance of time."
—Lena Gilbert to her bodyguard, Sam[src]

Lena Gilbert is a billionaire heiress and the descendant of Lachlan Fredericks. She arrived in her ancestor's estate where she was imprisoned by supernatural forces.


Fredericks Manor[]

Lena of obvious means and her bodyguard/chauffeur, Sam, pull up to an expansive but run down estate. The young woman is chattering excitedly on the phone to someone about how it has taken her five years to secure the title. She wants to restore the home to its original grandeur. The home belonged to someone in her family at some point. She rushes in despite her bodyguard's warning. She opens a closet and discovers tree branches, complete with twisted, sharp branches. The branches become shackles and soon she is screaming as she becomes trapped, taken prisoner by a malignant tree. Two days later, Abbie and Ichabod discover Lena alive but imprisoned in the closet. They free her and try to find an exit. Despite their precarious situation, Ichabod finds time to question Lena about the note on her desk. She confirms it was Katrina Crane; she found Katrina's name on a registry from the late 1700's, the last person to come to the house for sanctuary before it was abandoned. Lena acknowledges rumors in the family of Lachlan being involved in witchcraft. Ichabod tells Lena that if his ancestor was a warlock. Ichabod believes a malevolent being bested Lachlan and infested the house. Ichabod tells Lena that any research she's done on the house might hold the answer. She tells them all the information she gathered is in New York. The house starts to amp up its antics. First, Abbie gets separated from Lena and Ichabod, who are nearly attacked by some type of rotted tree monster. Next, they find themselves caught in a group of crows, after which Lena is dragged off by the creature. Lena is taken to the cellar of the house. She screams and Abbie and Ichabod arrive. Lena apparently standing alone. She's suddenly grabbed by the creature. Abbie shoots at the demon's roots, and it frees Lena. All three make it out of the house, but Ichabod grabs an ax and heads back inside to get his vengeance on. He shops the monster to bits. After returning to New York, Lena sends the information that she gathered on the house to Abbie.[2]


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