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"Wait, you're saying someone decapitated the Lincoln Memorial to release this demon?"
Diana Thomas to Ichabod Crane[src]

Lincoln Memorial is a location on Sleepy Hollow. John Wilkes Booth was trapped beneath the statue of Abraham Lincoln.



After the death of Abraham Lincoln, the memorial of him was erected in his honour. A talisman was hidden inside of the statue's head. The demon who killed him was trapped under it in a secret underground cell.[1]


Around 200 years later, Malcolm Dreyfuss and Jobe decapitate the statue of Abraham Lincoln, which as a result, frees the demon who killed Lincoln. Malcolm then takes the head of Lincoln to his business which contains a talisman. After hearing about the incident, Homeland Security agents, Diana Thomas and Eric Cortez arrive at the scene and are confused by the scene. They split up and search the memorial for the culprit. Eric runs into a demon and is subsequently killed. Diana walks in on the the demon killing her partner and shoots him. She is confused by the situation as she is unaware of the existence of demons. Ichabod Crane enters the memorial and stops the demon from killing Diana. The demon escapes and Diana turns her gun on Ichabod. He eventually convinces her to let him go so that he can peruse the demon before he looses its trail.[1]


Season Four
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