Lori Mills,[1] originally, Lori Roberts, was the mother of Abigail and Jennifer Mills. She was also the daughter of Jacob Roberts and Ellie Williams. Her great-great grandmother was Grace Dixon.


Early LifeEdit

As a descendent of Grace Dixon,[2] she had inherited her diary, which contained a record of all the magic that Grace Dixon had both witnessed personally and heard about, and added to by her descendents all the way down the line to Lori (and then later her daughters). During her daughters' childhoods, Lori was tormented by demons, making her appear to be unpredictable and unstable to the point where she was placed in psychiatric care at Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital. Her torment did not end, and a malevolent ghost posing as a nurse drove her to commit suicide.[1]


Her spirit remained trapped there until her daughters investigated a number of suicides in the same mental hospital. The same evil ghost was behind it and tried to kill Abigail. Lori had Jenny get her journal which contained spells and Jenny used it to banish the evil spirit. With another spell, the sisters spoke with their mother and Lori revealed she knew Abigail was a Witness, and instructed them to find a weapon mentioned in Grace Dixon's Journal before vanishing and moving on to the afterlife.[1]


Production NotesEdit

  • In "Pilot", Lori was identified as "Elizabeth M Archer" according to a newspaper clipping collected by August Corbin.[3]


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