"It's my fault, Abbie. I deserve it. I've had this coming a long time. We all have."
—Maura Vega to Abbie Mills[src]

Maura Vega was a psychologist under the employ of the Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital. She examined Jenny Mills and came to a conclusion that she wasn't crazy. However, this withheld secret led to her being killed by Ro'kenhronteys.


Early LifeEdit

Doctor Vega was a psychologist, and Jenny was one of her clients. She documented her evaluations with Jenny, and had private notes which claimed that she didn't think Jenny was insane and that she believed her when she said she saw a demon. The more she listened to Jenny's stories, the more she believed her.

Withholding this as a secret, Maura was visited by Ro'kenhronteys in her dreams and driven to suicide. After she asked the Sleepy Hollow Sheriff Department to speak with Abbie, she leapt to her death.[1]


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