"I slayed your Mason brethren. I hung their heads like lanterns. I killed her partner. And I will kill you."
—The Headless Horseman telling Ichabod through Andy about what he has done and what he will do.

"Necromancer" is the eighth episode of Season One of Fox's Sleepy Hollow. It was written by Mark Goffman & Phillip Iscove and directed by Paul Edwards. It is the eighth episode of the series overall, and debuted on November 18, 2013.


Ichabod, Abbie, Captain Irving, and Jenny Mills join forces and face the Headless Horseman. While staring down this nemesis, Ichabod is shocked by game-changing information about the Horseman's true motive.[1]


Mills and Crane interrogate the Horseman with Andy's help, despite the dead policeman Brooks' warnings not to do so. During the interrogation the Horseman reveals himself to be Abraham, Katrina's former fiancé and Ichabod's friend who was killed by Hessians and turned into the Horseman by Moloch. Brooks, under control of Moloch, sneaks a druidic relic into the chamber where the Horseman is being held and uses it to dispel the magical bindings of the chamber built by Thomas Jefferson. This allows Moloch's hellish minions to be summoned into the chamber, who disappear with Brooks and the Horseman just as the Horseman is about to kill Crane.



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  • The US title refers to Andy Brooks, acting as the vocal medium for the Headless Horseman while the Japanese title referred to the Headless Horseman.

Production NotesEdit

  • Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) was unavailable when the swordfight choreography was worked out. Before shooting the scene, he was able to learn the entire fight scene in about 20 minutes.

Body CountEdit

  • Unnamed Hunter - Shot by a Hessian soldier.
  • Unnamed Hessian - Neck broken by Irving.
  • Abraham Van Brunt - Shot by Hessians (later resurrected as the Horseman of Death/Headless Horseman)

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  • "Greensleeves" Irish & Celtic Folk Wanderers



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