"Ro'kenhrontyes isn't your run-of-the-mill demon. [...] He doesn't just want to kill you. He taunts you first. He rubs your face in the mess you made. He drives you to a pain so unimaginable, you willingly take your own life."
Seamus Duncan to Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane[src]

Ro'kenhronteys, as he's called by the Mohawk people, is commonly referred to as the Sandman in modern times. It is an evil dream spirit that attacks people's guilt in their dreams, eventually driving them to commit suicide.



Ro'kenhronteys exists in the Dreamworld going after anyone that has betrayed or turned their backs on someone's plight. He can only be warded away by a symbol similar to how the cross can ward away the Devil and can only be stopped if someone faces their own personal challenge by accepting what they did in the Dream World. The Mohawks told their children the story Ro'kenhronteys in order to spur their children into life of righteousness. According to a Mohawk scout of the 37th Regiment, Wiroh, his father was killed by Ro'kenhronteys when he turned his back on his neighbor. Ro'kenhronteys is responsible for possessing several different people. He affects and ultimately kills Dr. Maura Vega, and Garrett Gillespie before he was defeated by Abbie Mills with the help of Ichabod Crane. Ro'kenhronteys's ultimate goal was to kill Abbie, via threatening her in her dreams and killing Vega and Gillespie, who had also turned a blind eye to Jenny's plight. He used Gillespie to actually tell her who he was and that the next time she fell asleep, she would be killed.[1]


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