"Roanoke was the very first British colony in the New World, led by Governor John White."
Ichabod Crane to Abbie Mills[src]

The Colony of Roanoke was the first English colony in the New World. Also referred to as the Lost Colony or the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Roanoke was attacked by the Horseman of Pestilence, whereas it infected the colonists with a deadly, supernatural plague.



After the Horseman infected all of the inhabitants with a deadly plague, the first to die from this plague was the first born American colonist Virginia Dare. The ghost of Virginia Dare led the colonists out of Roanoke and into the forests of Sleepy HollowThomas Grey was lured out of the lost colony by an unknown spirit girl; a possible illusion created by Conquest. The colonists were able to survive and contain the Horseman's plague, unaware of the holy properties in the colony's water. After Thomas returned to be "baptized" in the water, he was cured. It was then revealed that apparently all the colonists were already dead but were merely ghosts that became flesh and blood.[1]


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