"Ro'kenhronteys isn't your run-of-the-mill demon. [...] He doesn't just want to kill you. He taunts you first. He rubs your face in the mess you made. He drives you to a pain so unimaginable, you willingly take your own life."
—Seamus Duncan to Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane[src]

Seamus Duncan is one of the very few descendants of the Mohawk people to reside in Sleepy Hollow. To the public, he is a used car salesman, and a Mohawk shaman in private. He was desperately sought out for help to ward off Ro'kenhronteys.



When Seamus was encountered by Abbie and Ichabod at his job as a car salesman one day. He treated them as a normal customer at first but then they asked him for help to defend Abbie from Ro'kenhronteys. At first, he refused and pretended to not know what they are talking about, but was convinced by Ichabod when Seamus was told that if he turned his back on Abbie, Ro'kenhronteys would be after Seamus next. This made Seamus change his mind and accept. Seamus then asked them to meet him at a remote location where he prepared a ritual that would send Abbie into Ro'kenhronteys's dream world. Not wanting Abbie to go in alone, Ichabod drank some of the potion that Abbie had to drink and was stung by a scorpion which sent him also into the dream world. After Abbie defeated him, both Ichabod and Abbie awoke.[1]


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