The Shadow Warriors were a unit of Hessian mercenaries (the 5th Battalion in the war) who fought for the British against George Washington and the Colonials. The Headless Horseman was murdered by one of their own in life, but was made into the Hessian Horseman after he sold his soul to Moloch. Somewhere on their bodies, they bore a symbol tattooed into their skin, the Mark of Rheinhessen, which looked like an eight-spoked wheel with spearheads at the end of each spoke. During the Revolutionary War, they would wear black masks and shaved their heads.


During the RevolutionEdit

The 5th Battalion were employed by the British to help suppress the rebellion by Washington and the Patriots.


Hessian Soldier

During the Boston Tea Party in 1773, a Hessian soldier guarded a stone box that contained The Lesser Key of Solomon. The Hessian then took his own life using a grenade to kill everyone except Ichabod Crane.[1] The Hessians then attacked two couriers, Abraham Van Brunt and Crane as they were traveling enroute to the First Continental Congress with the Declaration of Resolves in 1774; A precursor to the Declaration of Independence. Abraham had been mortally wounded. Despite Crane killing several of the Hessians, Brunt told Ichabod to leave him. The Hessian then took him prisoner. However, Moloch then appeared and Brunt sold his soul to Moloch. The Hessian shaved his branded his hand with an bow marking, and gave him a broadax.[2] During a battle in 1781, they were engaged in combat against the 37th Regiment. One of their soldiers, the Horseman, fought against Crane. The Horseman mortally wounded Crane with his broad axe, but was beheaded by Ichabod with a saber.[3]

Present dayEdit

It was presumed that the unit was long disbanded; however, as it turned out, there were still people dedicated to their cause. Three modern Hessians serving Moloch - Gunther, Armin and Hagen - turned their attention to Jenny Mills and The Lesser Key of Solomon. They intended to use the Key - which was a spellbook written by King Solomon - to summon a group of seventy-two demons from Hell whom Solomon had imprisoned in the Seventh Circle of Hell; however, they were defeated by Crane and the Mills sisters. Before he died however, Gunther admitted that there were many more Hessians, in fact even he didn't know how many. He also revealed the name of the demon that the Mills sisters saw. More Hessians were seen later as one of their own found Death's horse without its rider and killing his fellow hunter. They then broke into Adams Antiquities, tied up Jesse Adams, and stole a Thracian Phiale. They then planned an assault to shut down the power grid which was powering the ultraviolet lights being used to weaken the Horseman. Though it seemed they lost (with the remaining Hessians being arrested) the power plant blew up with hidden bombs.[2][2]

The Hessians then continued to serve both the Horsemen of Death and War, Henry Parrish. They assited Parrish in torturing Jenny Mills into revealing information on a key to Purgatory. They then searched for the key but failed to find it.[4] One of the hessians also bought a Salamuri from Nicholas Hawley. Despite it being broken, the Hessian gave it to Parrish who was able to make a powder[5] that could turn Joe Corbin into a Wendigo.[6]


Horseman's Hessian followers and send them to attack Sleepy Hollow


Jobe charges the axe with the death essence of the Hessians. He tells them that they're free to answer their master's last call and bring death to Sleepy Hollow. Horseman's Hessian followers as they attack Sleepy Hollow