This article is about the village that the show is mostly set in, Sleepy Hollow. For the TV
series, see Sleepy Hollow.
"We are part of an ancient order sworn to fight the darkness that hides in Sleepy Hollow."
Ichabod Crane to Abbie Mills[src]

Sleepy Hollow is a town in Westchester County in the state of New York, and has a population of 144,000. It is the main setting of the TV series of the same name.





On-screen NotesEdit

  • Based on the deaths that have occurred in Sleepy Hollow, the population of 144,000[1] has decreased somewhat. However, in "I, Witness, the population on the sign remains the same.[2]
  • The village[1] was founded in 1670.[3]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The population of Sleepy Hollow is 144,000, referring to an actual number listed in the book of Revelation in the Bible.[4]


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