"It's a legend. About a book of black magic written by King Solomon, filled with rituals that can conjure 72 demons he trapped in Hell."
Jenny Mills[src]

The book, The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Lemegeton[1], was a book created by King Solomon to summon the damned from the depths of Hell. This book was recovered by the Shadow Warriors who tried to use it to bring the demons from the seventh circle of Hell into Sleepy Hollow, but were stopped by Abbie, Jenny, and Ichabod. It was destroyed before the Hessians could succeed.


Kind SolomonEdit

The book once belonged King Solomon, who used to imprison 72 demons in hell. It was then lost for a thousand years until it was found by the Knights Templar during the crusades.[2] It's location was lost again in 1307 during the Templar's suppression.[1] It then fell into the hands of the British.[2]

Ichabod CraneEdit

In 1773, during the Boston Tea Party, Virginia Militia Colonel George Washington sent a company under Captain Doxford and Lieutenant Ichabod Crane to seize the chest that carried the book at the docks. Using the Boston Tea Party, or as Crane called it at the time; The Destruction of the Tea, as a distraction, the Militia were able to get past the British redcoats and enter the warehouse. However, the chest was guarded by a Hessian Mercenary. The Hessian refused to surrender and killed himself and the miltia company, except Crane. Crane then summoned other Patriots to help him deliver it to Washington, who hid it in Sleepy Hollow's Dutch Reformed Church. Washington also had a sextant built as projector to contain a map to the book's location.[2]


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