Abbie: "I'm going to steal it."
Jenny: "I guess those social workers were right. I really am a bad influence."
Abbie Mills and Jenny Mills

"The Vessel" is the eleventh episode of Season One of Fox's Sleepy Hollow. It was written by Mark Goffman & David McMillan and the teleplay by Melissa Blake and directed by Romeo Tirone. It is the eleventh episode of the series overall, and debuted on January 13, 2014.


Captain Irving's daughter is targeted by evil forces, so he pleads for help from Crane and Mills, and looks to Washington's bible for answers. However, another frightening chapter of Jenny's past is revealed.[1]


Ancitif, a minion of Moloch with the ability to jump from body to body and possess its victims via physical contact, returns to Sleepy Hollow after a seven year absence and delivers a foreboding warning to Captain Irving: unless he delivers George Washington’s Bible – a valuable resource in the war against Moloch - great harm will befall his daughter, Macey.



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    • The US and Japanese title both refer to the people possessed by Ancitif.

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  • Jenny's age was hinted in this episode. She was mentioned by August Corbin to be 19 years old in that recording which shows her being exorcised. The recording was taken 7 years ago and Jenny also repeated the same to Ancitif while negating possession.Additionally, Jenny was 13 when she and Abbie had that incident in the Pocantico Grove plus 13 years of having been institutionalized at the Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital.
  • In the episode, it is mentioned about an entry on December 18 1799, by G. Washington. However Washington died 14 December 1799, four days earlier. There is a mystery of the "immortal count" who appears in and out of history, one of the appearances believed to be George Washington.

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