"The boy did say Roanoke, right? But I don't think Thomas meant a Roanoke you'd find on today's map. The older version of English, his antiquated appearance What if Thomas is from the Lost Colony?"
Ichabod Crane to Abbie Mills[src]

Thomas Grey was a young boy from the lost colony of Roanoke. After being misguided by the Horseman of Pestilence, Thomas entered 21st century Sleepy Hollow, unleashing the threat of a supernatural plague on the modern world. Upon being cured, he vanished with his village.


Wandering to Sleepy HollowEdit

Wandering away from his colony, Thomas played with a little girl, which turned out to be an illusion cast by the Horseman of Pestilence. Thomas was chased out of the woods, and wandered into the town of Sleepy Hollow where he lost consciousness. Thomas was diagnosed with an unrecognizable illness that became severe and had begun to spread to several civilians overtime. After Ichabod Crane became infected, Abbie Mills brought both Ichabod and Thomas back to the lost colony of Roanoke to be submerged in the village's holy water. Upon returning from the water, Thomas and his entire village disappeared, revealing that they had already been dead. It can be assumed that these events freed Thomas and his colony from a state of limbo and allowed them to move on to the afterlife.[1]


Character NotesEdit

  • Thomas only speaks Middle English.[1]


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