"Thracian Phiale. A ancient relic, allegedly protected by warlocks after Cromwell's conquest of Britain."
Ichabod Crane to Abbie Mills and Jenny Mills[src]

The Thracian Phiale is used by necromancers to summon the Shadows Of Darkness demons and break powerful hexes. Before it was obtained by Jesse Adams and taken by the Hessians, it was protected by warlocks after Cromwell's Conquest of Britain. As of Dark Mirror, Joe mentioned that it is currently in Jenny's possession.


Masonic CellEdit

The artifact was obtained by Jesse Adams where he had it in the back of his store for safe keeping in Adams Antiquities. It was stolen by Andy Brooks where he used it to break the hex on the Masonic Cell in the Munition Tunnels in order to free the Headless Horseman from the Witnesses grasp.[1]

Sometime after, Jenny got possession of the artifact.[2]


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