"Obviously, the creature is more than simply an agent - of destruction."
Ichabod Crane about the Tree Monster[src]

The Tree Monster, also known as the Scarecrow, was the main antagonist of the first season episode, "Sanctuary". It was a demon that resided outside of the sanctuary of Lachlan Fredericks household, where it was after Katrina Crane, her coven, and her newborn son, Jeremy Crane. The monster has the appearance of a tree and had, apparently, been posing as a scarecrow, with its main weakness being the roots, which can be severed, causing the monster to bleed. 



The Tree Monster was summoned by Moloch who then attacked the Fredericks' household after Katrina had given birth to a son. Katrina and Jeremy escaped, but the demon killed Fredericks. Since that time, the demon remained dormant outside of the Fredericks Manor, apparently posing as a scarecrow.[1]


The Tree Monster is awakened when Ichabod Crane tears at vines which have entangled Lena Gilbert in a closet. It attacks the household, capturing Lena when she and Ichabod are attempting to escape. Abbie Mills manages to free Gilbert from the monster by shooting at its roots and weakening it. Ichabod, angered at the monster for trying to harm his infant son and wife, grabbed an axe and went back into the household where he chopped several roots to weaken the monster before slashing its chest and splitting its head, stopping it for good as well as telling it to give Moloch his regards.[1]  


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