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Washington's Bible, as the name would imply, is the Bible that belonged to George Washington. It was buried with Ichabod Crane. Throughout the series, the Bible is used for multiple purposes to help the Witnesses. 


Buried with Ichabod[]

The Bible was first buried with Ichabod Crane after his first fight with Death in the Revolutionary War. When revisiting the cave that Ichabod had awakened in, he read scriptures from it to prompt Abbie to believe that the prophecies of Revelations were taking place in Sleepy Hollow and that she and he were the two Witnesses foretold in it.[1]

The demon, Ancitif, threatened and possessed Capt. Frank Irving's daughter Macey and demanded the bible. Fortunately, Crane, hid the bible in Corbin's cabin. Crane then discovered a message from George Washington dated December 18th, 1799, four days after he officially died.[2]

After discovering false passages regarding Lazarus, Crane discovered that Washington left him a message in regards to the process he took to creating The Map of Purgatory, including the fact that Alfred Knapp resurrected him for four days. Crane discovered through Henry Parrish that Knapp took Washington's body to a tomb on an island along with the map.[3]


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